Welcome to the Halls of Ivy!

Welcome to the Halls of Ivy! This is a selection of courses and programs that I offer to help you to grow into the best version of yourself! I also offer a Halls of Ivy VIP Membership that grants you access to all courses and programs! Take a look around and get glowing darling!

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7 Day Quest for Less

7 day Quest for Less Course

The 7 Day Quest for Less is the perfect way to begin your minimalist journey, as you navigate the waters of motherhood and overwhelm! Complete with daily checklists, long term decluttering strategies, Digital organization techniques, cleaning routines, and more, you’ll have your home in a happy place quicker than you can say quest for less!

Essential Goddess Course

Essential Goddess Course

This is the ultimate Course for Self Care and acknowledging your inner Queen. The Essential Goddess Course also pairs perfectly with the Essential Goddess Journal, and goes into even more depth into Self Care practices.

The Goddess & The Gladiator

The Goddess & The Gladiator Course

The Goddess & The Gladiator is THE course for the business babe learning how to navigate her energy in business. Feminine energy, Masculine energy, and what works best for you… you will discover here in this course, and create from a space of joy!

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