BONUS Day 8: Kitchens & Cash

Ok ok, how can we be on Day 8 of a 7 day challenge?!

You didn't think I was just going to leave you high and dry after day 7 now did you?

Of course not!

I still have a couple special little tips to share with you today, on Kitchen organization and on a couple sweet ways to make quick cash with your unwanted items!


As with anything in your minimalist journey, you want to be keeping the items that spark joy in your home. So, is your kitchen sparking any joy for you right now? If not, take these tips for a whirl and see where they take you!

1. Open shelving

I know this is totally a taste preference, however, having open shelving (i.e. no cupboard doors) forces you to again, be mindful about your items and what you have there. If your dishes are beautiful to look at, why would you want them hidden away?

2. Less but better

Do you have a 25 piece cookware set? haha ok maybe not that many pieces but you see where I'm going. Think about your cookware and your bakeware, do you have a specific pan or dish you use more than the rest? If you can pare down in this area, you can really free up some space (and in turn, peace of mind) in your kitchen.

Take some time in the kitchen today and find a way to spark some joy! Afterward, you can hop on to my favorite recent place to make cash off of my discards.




If you use the mobile version of Facebook, click on the market button. Not only can you post direct to Facebook in your local area the items you want to sell, but if you are part of any B/S/T groups, you can actually push your sale to each group all at once! Yes! So efficient! AND people that are interested in the items will pop up in your messages, and you will be notified. No more checking your "others" folder for your sales. 

Be smart about your sales of course, if the person wants to meet, be sure you are in a public place. If they are coming by the house, be sure to have a spouse/friend/neighbor around when they plan to pick up! Happy selling mama!

Once again, I am so proud of you. Celebrating you and your journey, and the future successes to come!