Day 7: The Final Stretch

You made it! WE made it!

It is the final day in the 7 day Quest for Less! *Happy dance*

I'm so excited for and proud of you!

Do you feel like you have made some positive steps towards a more minimalist lifestyle? I sure hope so! Let's move forward with today's tips and checklists!

Today we are going to be talking all about the tough stuff! Books and sentimental items. For some people, they are one in the same. In any case, your checklists today are going to help you work on these babies. Here is your Day 7 Checklist and your Evernote version as well.

7 day Quest for Less: Day 7 Checklist

Today's Quest is to choose 4 or more categories from this list to declutter! If you feel inspired, tackle all of the categories!

  • General books

  • Cook books

  • Coffee table books

  • Cards & Letters

  • Journals & Scrapbooks

  • Photos & Albums

  • Sentimental Clothing

I wanted to share a couple of my favorite tips in decluttering books and the things that make our heart warm and fuzzy. 

When it comes to books, think of the Library

  • Would the library have this book?

  • If you don't think it would... would you donate your copy to the library?

  • Would you read this book if you had it digitally?

  • If it is a signed copy, do you feel like you absolutely mustkeep it? Why?

  • When was the last time you read this book? Will you read it again? When?

  • Do I want to store this book in my space, or would I rather have the Library store it for me?

Plan a date to go to the library to donate the books you no longer wish to keep. It's possible your library has some sort of program for this too. While you're there, maybe pickup a library card for you and the kids so you can come back together. 

When it comes to our sentimental things

  • If it is a photo, have you scanned it and saved it to an external hard drive?

  • If it is a trinket, why do you feel attached to it? If the attachment is to a person that has passed, would they want you to keep the item or your cherish memories of them?

  • Let go of guilt attached to sentimental item gifts, your loved ones never want you to feel obligated to keep things that aren't serving you or bringing you joy

Take a deep breath you brave, brave mom. You are truly a force to be reckoned with! These last 7 days have been the beginning to a beautiful journey for you, and I hope have helped you to identify habits that support you.

We all have our now special flavors of things that work for us, and I sincerely hope that this was well worth the time for you to figure out yours. You deserve to live life feeling a little less in demand, and a little more in a space of joy and happiness!

Cheers to you darling. You are amazing!



And stay tuned! I have a little bonus coming at you tomorrow!