Day 5: Tackle the Toys

Deep breaths mama... You knew this day was coming. 

It's here.

It is going to be OK. 

Alright, here are the materials you need for today.

7 day Quest for Less: Day 5 Checklist

Today's Quest is to choose 4 or more categories from this list to declutter! If you feel inspired, tackle all of the categories!

  • Stuffed Animals & Dolls

  • Figurine toys

  • Children's books

  • Awards/trophies

  • Children's clothing

  • Trains & Cars toys

  • Legos & blocks

Here is your Evernote version of today’s checklist.

More deep breaths

Today may be a tough task, if you have your children home when you are minimizing and they are smaller. If you can, have them involved in the decision making process, provided that they are going to be able to handle it emotionallyExplain to them what will happen to the toys, how you will donate them and how other children that don't have any toys will get to hug, love and play with them. 

It is not an easy task, but I know that you can do this.

When I did the big purge in my son's room, he had a day out with daddy so that I could clear out what needed to be cleared. Before the purge, I remember feeling like I had failed my son somehow, as every time I took him with me to the store, he'd ask for all sorts of things. It’s strange to me, since I have never just given in and bought him things while we are out.

Is this just something that all kids go through?


In any case, I’m grateful for the beauty of his childhood. I was not looking forward to the massive purge his room so desperately needed. The accumulation of toys and random things from gifts from others was… overwhelming. Errr, had me feeling highly in demand.

He hardly played with his toys or even in his room, and I know it was because he was incredibly overwhelmed. I suspect he is on the autism-spectrum but that has never been diagnosed and I know that he just wants a quiet space to play. Most children do. If he is anything like me, this makes perfect sense. 

If I asked him to clean his room, he basically had a toddler panic attack.

Not a temper tantrum, a panic attack.

He displayed serious feelings of anxiousness and it was so sad. He truly felt like he couldn’t pick up his room on his own. Even to this day, he still freaks out when we ask him to pick up his toys. It’s still a process, so I want you to know… that it’s ok if your kiddos do have a transformation overnight.

I sure know how that feels!

Isn’t it insane how much of an emotional impact and burden our material possessions can have on us?

On our children? 

My son deserves a space where he can breathe and be free… and I am so glad I cleared out his room, and left only what is important and essential to him. This really is such an incredible gift that we can all give to our children, and I know that you can do this. You are empowered, you have the tools, and you have the motivation!

Please don’t judge yourself, your family, or your children in this process. We get in our heads so often and start telling ourself stories… just take some deep breaths and remember that you are not doing this alone.

I’m here for you.