Day 4: The BIG Secret

Today's tips are super juicy!

I am sharing all about the BIG secret to a successful BIG purge!

I hope you are fired up and ready to go after your progress yesterday! Are you feeling good? I sure hope so! Were you able to get some of your family members on board and join in on the declutter and cleaning?

I'm super proud of you for going this alone, but it's so much more fun and even validating to have our family on board with us, am I right? Keep up the great work mama, because today is going to be a big one! And remember, you’re not really alone… I’m here with you every step of the way, holding space and intentions for your longterm success!

7 day Quest for Less: Day 4 Checklist

Today's Quest is to choose 4 or more categories from this list to declutter! If you feel inspired, tackle all of the categories!

  • Seasonal items

  • Recreational items

  • Tools

  • The JUNK drawer

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Laundry supplies

  • Makeup

  • Perfume

  • Body & Hair Care

  • Hobby items

  • CDs and DVDs

Here is your Evernote list. I hope you have been happy with being able to save these lists to your phone! 


What is the BIG secret to a successful BIG purge?

For me, there are 2 biggies! You might even be surprised at how incredibly simple they are, which is probably suiting since simplifying is the name of the game right?

1. Set a Timer

Working in intervals will help you prevent yourself from burning out. If you set out to clear out a space and it seems overwhelming, set the timer. Depending on how you are feeling, you can work anywhere from 5 minute intervals up to 30 minute intervals. Make sure that you are taking breaks in between, as it is important to sustain your energy to continue. My favorite thing about this too, sometimes I like to race the clock and see who dings first! ;)

Keep this in mind for your cleaning through the week as well! Setting intervals will remove so much stress from your plate, because you know a little break is coming (or a big break!) and you won’t feel so weighed down!

2. Rock some Tunes

Maybe there are some people out there that work best in silence, but that is SO not me! I need some good jams to keep me in an upbeat mood so that I'm not grouchy mom when my 4 year old interrupts me. Make yourself a playlist and get going. You know what lights you up, so put it together and turn it up! Who cares if your kids look at you funny while you're rocking out to *NSYNC? It could just be me... haha!

Ok, so... now that you are PUMPED to get going with your Day 4 Checklist, and you feel like you can tackle anything, your BONUS challenge today is to find a quiet place for 5 minutes to take some deep breaths, and reflect on how you are feeling. Yes, even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom... with headphones on.

You got this mama.