Step into your Light with Coaching

 Darling, I know you’re exhausted…

You’re tired of the hustle and grind.

And above all else, you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Why do I know this to be true for you?

Because this was me too, dear.

In life, business, health, and my relationships, I felt like I was doing all the work and getting little to zero return for my efforts. Is this what you’re feeling?

Why on earth did we consistently put ourselves through the wringer, and try to squeeze every last bit of sparkle out, leaving us feeling lackluster and worthless?

Well, honey, that is NOT you anymore!

I want to help you let go of being all the things, to all the people, all the time. Just those words alone are so freeing, so releasing and so peaceful. I want to help you


because at the end of the day, your light is the only thing that you have left.

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Hello dear, I’m Dalea Faulkner, and I’m here to support you on your journey.

It is my soul mission, in this big, beautiful, life to bring healing to the hearts of the world and create positive change on a global level. I feel the connectedness within all of us, as we are all part of a much bigger picture in this world. We can do so much more than we are lead to believe, and that is why I am so passionate about helping other women like you, Step into their Light.

We all have both shadow and light within us. For years I lived in my shadow self, clinging to negativity, drowning in my own anxieties, and depression that was crippling. The woman I am today, is because I made the conscious choice and decision to step into my own light.

I knew that I wanted to make an impact in the lives of women and their self care routines, and of course my book Essential Goddess was born! After writing it, I realized I could make an even bigger impact on those women’s lives by helping them uncover, and realize their potential. When one woman starts to shine in her community, it is like a beacon calling out to her tribe… encouraging them all to do the same.

Did you know that when you shine your own light brightly, it doesn’t diminish the light of anyone else? It only encourages others to rise and shine brighter. Our lives are a constant and never ending improvement, so that we can continue to evolve into our best, most beautiful selves. It takes hard work. It takes determination. It takes oils. It takes reading. It takes exercise. It takes meditation. It takes heart and a desire to never go back to the way it was before. It takes letting go of all the things we think we should be. It takes you knowing that it’s always been you, all along, and you’re finally allowing yourself to step out and shine. All of this, I want to help you take action on… so you don’t have to do it alone.

The purpose of my life is to share MY light, and give love to myself and to others. I’m sure, when you look deep down into your core (which we will do!) you will find that you and I are kindred souls, with similar pasts.

See these beautiful souls share their sparkly wisdom…

Dannielle W.

Dannielle W.


"So stinking proud of you." "You're amazing, and the world needs to know." "I appreciate you." These are examples of the type of motivation and communication you will receive when you work with Dalea. I have known her for many years, and have always known that she has a positive light radiating from her at all times. All she has ever wanted to do in life is help people. She loves everyone so deeply, and wants the world to see the best version of each and every person. She wants to help your light shine brighter than you've ever imagined it could shine. She wants to see you have a giant, genuine smile plastered on your face knowing that you KNOW true joy, and you experience it often. She is not pushy or overbearing, she is not condescending or judgmental, she will not tell you what to do or how to live YOUR truth. She will help YOU discover the answers by guiding you with questions and different ways of thinking. I'd like to encourage everyone I know, and everyone I don't know, to take advantage of a consultation, and see if Dalea is the right fit for you. Even if she isn't, you'll still gain some tools even during that initial conversation that will most certainly benefit your life!

Crystal S.

Crystal S.


Dalea is, hands-down, the most knowledgeable person I've ever met when it comes to oils, and her passion for using them in daily life is contagious. The thing that impresses me most is the fact that she seems to have all the answers right at her fingertips, regardless of what I need help with. I've never had to wait long for a thorough answer, whether I wanted to know something about the business, growing and supporting a team, or just how to use oils to live my best life. I remember asking her, "HOW do you have all this information so readily available?? You're so quick!" On the business side of things, the content she provides is incredible on her website, in her groups (there's SO much value here), and across social media platforms. There's always something new to learn and she teaches it in a warm, encouraging, you-can-do-this way. With her, you get practical steps for growing your business as well as an overall positive, supportive vibe that helps you elevate to the next level.


Sarah A.


Dalea is absolutely the most knowledgeable person I have EVER met when it comes to essential oils, how to use them, what they are, where they come from, etc. She’s been doing this for YEARS and knows her stuff. She’s also one of the most authentic because she actually uses everything she tells her people about on a daily basis and more. My kiddos love me using oils on them because they saw her son using them too! When it comes to being a leader, a coach, a business strategist… it’s exactly the same. Dalea is one of the most compassionate and empathetic people I know, and she has such a strong insight on life, marriage, mindset, and business. She also won’t be afraid to give you tough love when you need it. Working with her is a DREAM. If you’ve come to Dalea’s site, and you’ve gotten this far - you’re here for a reason.

 Be honest with yourself…

Are you truly ready to step out of the HUSTLE and Step into your Light?

I sure hope that you are.

Get ready to step into your beautiful transformation.

Get ready to experience your extraordinary life the way you were meant to.

Get ready darling, it’s time to

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What’s Included in your Coaching package?

-TEN (1 hour) phone or video calls with me

-Access to message me any time with questions

-Personalized and Confidential support in your Journey

-Tools to support your personal goals during our time together

Well, my darling, are you ready?