Douglas Fir

From Christmas trees to telephone poles to a refreshing essential oil, Douglas Fir has a wide variety of uses and benefits. This bristly conifer tree is filled with revitalizing compounds that can purify the skin and help maintain a sense of focus. When used aromatically or topically, its fresh green aroma reflects the tranquility of its native New Zealand forests, creating calm feelings and encouraging an uplifted mood. The unique chemical composition of Douglas Fir essential oil can also promote feelings of open airways and easy breathing.

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Douglas Fir is one of those oils that you will want to keep on hand because it increases focus, uplifts mood, promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, and freshens the air.

Diffuse this blend to relax, enhance focus, and clear the senses:

  • 4 drops dōTERRA Balance®

  • 3 drops Douglas Fir

  • 2 drops Eucalyptus

  • 1 drop Siberian Fir

Douglas Fir can be utilized both Aromatically and Topically:


  • Directly inhale or diffuse alone or with other essential oils to freshen the air, uplift mood, and promote a sense of focus.

  • Diffuse 2–3 drops Douglas Fir with 2–3 drops Eucalyptus, or rub into hands and inhale deeply to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.


  • Add 1 drop to facial cleanser, bar soap, or body wash for added cleansing benefits and an invigorating aroma.

  • Combine with 1–2 drops of Wintergreen for a relaxing massage experience.

The purposes behind the doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing® initiative are varied. From ensuring the highest quality essential oil to facilitating humanitarian efforts with communities where our oils are sourced, each “co-impact sourced” oil presents a unique opportunity to have an impact on the world. In the case of Douglas Fir, one of the most unique benefits is the positive impact the sourcing of this oil has on New Zealand’s environment.

“With this Douglas Fir essential oil,” says Tim Valentiner, Director of Strategic Sourcing, “we have been able to create with our partners a truly unique essential oil that provides tremendously positive environmental impacts for New Zealand’s biodiverse landscape, highlighting the environmental responsibility objectives of Co-Impact Sourcing.”

Wilding Pines

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is an evergreen conifer species native to western North America that has been used primarily in the lumber industry. However, in New Zealand, Douglas Fir has been categorized by the government as an invasive species. It was planted originally for the lumber industry, and from there it bred very rapidly and uncontrollably into areas where it wasn’t intended to grow. The trees grow 25 times faster in New Zealand than in North America, and the dense root systems push out all or many of the native species of plants, making it nearly impossible for anything else to grow. Douglas Fir trees, which are known as “wilding conifers” in New Zealand, are also self-seeding. This means that they produce seeds that fall to the ground and replant themselves in that location. These seeds germinate then begin to sprout and grow at the start of the growing season. By the end of the season, new seeds are produced and begin the cycle over again. This, coupled with the rate of growth in New Zealand, is the cause behind the “wilding conifer” problem with Douglas Fir.

doTERRA Solution

To help alleviate the environmental impacts of this wilding problem, doTERRA established an exclusive sourcing partnership with a small-scale company. This company works through government and other programs for the harvesting of these invasive Douglas Fir trees for raw materials, and then distills them into an invigorating and truly unique essential oil. Choosing to source Douglas Fir oil from New Zealand provides doTERRA with an opportunity to participate in a project that is very socially innovative and environmentally responsible—literally turning a problem or pest into a beautiful, sustainable product.

“We are reducing the problem, we are having a great ecological impact, and, in return, we get this beautiful essential oil.” –Dr. David K. Hill

Watch this short video to learn more about how Douglas Fir is Sourced.

I love using Douglas Fir regularly and use it before I put on my deodorant! It really does smell like Christmastime and has such a fresh and invigorating (yet warming) aroma! Is this an oil you think you will add to your arsenal? I can't wait to hear how to plan to use it!

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylang, or Cananga odorata, is a plant characterized by its drooping branches and bright green leaves. Along the green stems of this plant grow stalks from which multiple yellow-green flowers bloom. These flowers dangle from the stalks and are highly fragrant. The pungent flowers also produce green fruits that grow in clusters and turn black when ripe. doTERRA Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted from the flower of the Ylang Ylang plant. The Ylang Ylang plant is also called the perfume tree, due to its highly fragrant flowers.

Help transform your dreary mood to a cheery mood by using Ylang Ylang essential oil. Whenever you are feeling down or stressed, apply a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to the back of your neck for a calming and uplifting effect. Due to one of Ylang Ylang oil’s main chemical constituents, germacrene, the oil contains natural abilities to soothe. Ylang Ylang is also known for its uplifting effects and is a great oil to apply when in need of an elevating boost. Use Ylang Ylang essential oil aromatically or topically for a more optimistic perspective. Ylang Ylang is a powerful uplifting component and helps promote a positive outlook. Ylang Ylang’s rich scent is well loved and has been used extensively for making perfumes. For a wonderful-smelling, natural perfume, put a drop or two of Ylang Ylang on your wrists. This perfume will also give off a soothing and calming aroma.

Create the perfect massage blend for de-stressing with Ylang Ylang essential oil. Massages are a great way to help relax tense muscles and feelings and incorporating Ylang Ylang into your massage will provide the ultimate relaxing experience. Ylang Ylang is known and valued for its ability to soothe and calm the mood while also providing an uplifting effect. To create a powerful and effective massage blend that helps reduce the effects of daily stresses, add several drops of Ylang Ylang to doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage into your back and shoulders.

Support your body with Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang oil is known to provide antioxidant support. To increase antioxidant support in your body, take Ylang Ylang oil internally.

Ylang Ylang oil contains great hair benefits that will leave your hair looking healthy and beautiful! Avoid the harmful chemicals found in deep hair conditioners and deep hair conditioning treatments, and go natural! Create your very own natural deep hair conditioner by adding Ylang Ylang essential oil to doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and applying it to your hair.

Two of the main chemical constituents of Ylang Ylang essential oil are caryophyllene and germacrene. These two chemical components are part of the sesquiterpenes group. Ylang Ylang’s unique chemistry and scent promote soothing feelings when used aromatically. A recent study conducted by multiple Korean universities found that caryophyllene helps support healthy cell growth when ingested orally. To learn more about the chemical components of Ylang Ylang oil or other essential oils, visit the doTERRA Science Blog.

Watch this Co-Impact Sourcing video to learn about the sourcing of Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Fill your home with the rich and sweet scents of the tropical Ylang Ylang flower. This yellow, star-shaped flower is a gem of the aroma industry and its essential oil can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere. To obtain these delightful aromatic benefits, add a few drops of Ylang Ylang to your diffuser. This rich aroma will not just smell good, it will also lift your mood and promote a calming effect.

Ylang Ylang is one of my favorite flower essential oils, and I'm so in love with the Co-Impact Sourcing that comes along with our Ylang Ylang!


The Vetiver plant, Vetiveria zizanioides, is a member of the grass family. The grass of the plant is a vibrant green color and grows straight and vertical.  Unlike other grasses, the root system of Vetiver grows down, making it ideal for helping prevent erosion and providing soil stabilization. The many roots of the plant grow in large clusters underground. doTERRA obtains Vetiver essential oil from the roots of the vetiver plant. I love how grounding and relaxing this oil is, and I think you will too!

The main chemical constituents of Vetiver essential oil are carvone, isovalencenol, khusimol. Both isovalencenol and khusimol are sesquiterpenes that are part of the alcohols functional group. These chemicals have grounding properties and are what make Vetiver essential oil a grounding oil.  Carvone is a monoterpene that is a member of the ketones functional group. Carvone contains energizing properties that add to the beneficial chemical properties of Vetiver essential oil. To learn more about the chemical makeup of Vetiver oil or other essential oils, visit the doTERRA Science Blog.

The roots of the vetiver plant are unique in their ability to grow downward, creating a thick tangle of roots in the ground. The root of the hearty vetiver plant is the origin of Vetiver essential oil, and produces a fragrance that is earthy and strong. This aroma has been used among many perfume industries and is a notable characteristic of Vetiver essential oil. Vetiver oil is composed of multiple sesquiterpenes, allowing Vetiver oil to have a grounding effect on emotions. This grounding effect makes Vetiver oil a commonly used essential oil in massage practices and topical and aromatic uses.

Vetiver essential oil can also be taken internally to support a healthy immune system. Give your body a powerful boost by adding one to two drops of Vetiver essential oil to your tea or hot drinks during the winter months. Vetiver essential oil contains immune-supporting properties that will help fortify your body against seasonal threats. Traveling always comes with certain risks—environmental threats being one of them. To help prepare your body for traveling and a change in environment, take Vetiver essential oil internally. For best results, combine one to two drops of Vetiver oil with Lemon oil in a Veggie Caps capsule. This powerful combination of oils will help support a healthy immune system.

Vetiver oil’s aroma is sweet, woody, and smoky–emitting a strong, earthy scent. Use the earthy tones of Vetiver essential oil as a base for your favorite DIY diffuser blends. Adding Vetiver essential oil to a diffuser blend will provide aromatic benefits that have a calming, grounding effect on emotions. When experiencing anxious, unnerved, or stressed feelings, use Vetiver oil aromatically or topically. Vetiver essential oil is rich in sesquiterpenes, which contain grounding properties. When used on the skin or inhaled, Vetiver essential oil can help provide a calming and grounding effect on emotions.

Sleep is extremely important for the health of both the mind and body. When individuals do not receive adequate hours of sleep or have too many sleepless nights, body functions begin to slow down. To help promote a restful night’s sleep, rub Vetiver oil on the bottom of your feet. Vetiver oil is a great essential oil for sleep and relaxation and can help give your body the sleep it needs.

The dōTERRA Co-impact Sourcing initiative and Healing Hands foundation works with newly formed cooperatives in Haiti to bring the vetiver harvesters steady income, clean water, and desired education. Through dōTERRA, Vetiver essential oil helps these villagers on their way to a better life and hope for the future. Take a look at this short video to learn more about how Vetiver is sourced.

For best use of doTERRA Vetiver oil, here is a simple essential oil tip. Use a toothpick to help get the desired amount of essential oil out of the container if the Vetiver oil is too thick to get out of the bottle. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

I love using Vetiver with my family, for massages, relaxation and so much more! How do you like to use Vetiver in your home?

Pay it Forward

So many of us love to pay it forward & give back, to our communities, to the world, and organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. With countless ways to get involved, today I wanted to share how you can participate and get your hands dirty! I also wanted to share some of my favorite organizations and what I love about them!

As a child, I was very involved in giving back to my community. My mother owned a dance studio, and we regularly performed at nursing homes for the residents. I remember this so vividly, because the residents were always so happy after our performances. Music and dance brought so much joy into their lives, and it was so much fun to bring that light into their day. I remember participating in all kinds of activities as a kid, so giving back or paying it forward has always been something I strongly identify with.

As a grown woman, wife, and mother, things haven't changed much in this arena for me... as my passion for helping others grows more each day. I feel very strongly about particular organizations, and make sure that I do what I can to both raise awareness, and give regularly. Social media has made this even easier for us, since we can share about a cause and our community will see it. Let me share with you which causes speak to my soul.

OUR Rescue

OUR Rescue exists to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts. OUR Rescue’s Jump Team, consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives, lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue children being trafficked for sex. To ensure perpetuity and sustainability of these extraction efforts, OUR Rescue works with law enforcement in the countries where they rescue children to ensure that everything is done legally and with the support of the local authorities. The children rescued from these extraction efforts are then rehabilitated by OUR Rescue’s aftercare program, and the perpetrators are arrested, tried, and convicted to ensure that they don’t traffic children again.

Donate to OUR Rescue

Days for Girls

Days for Girls was founded in 2008 to create a more dignified, free, and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions. They seek to help women and girls discover their potential and self-worth. Women and girls in the program are taught that they are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow, and contribute to their communities’ betterment while ensuring quality, sustainable feminine hygiene. Days for Girls works to provide every girl in the world the education, safety, and dignity that they deserve through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits; by partnering with nonprofits, groups, and organizations; by raising awareness; and by helping communities around the world start their own programs. Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on six continents, Days for Girls has reached women and girls in over 100 countries. Donate to Days for Girls

War Horse Creek

War Horse Creek is a comprehensive retraining program using equestrian therapy to help veterans transition from the military to the civilian world. Our program will provide life skills training, education and career guidance with a focus on post-traumatic growth. It will reframe the military experience to be more beneficial in civilian life. The immersive program is unlike any other. It will enable their clinicians to identify those at greatest risk - many of whom aren't aware they're experiencing symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic brain injury (TBI) - and to provide guidance as they reintegrate back into the world.They meet the veteran on their terms, and offer them a way to process their military experiences among peers who understand them.

Donate to War Horse Creek

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

Having experienced the life-enriching power of essential oils, a group of health-care and business professionals collaborated with a common goal of creating a new standard of essential oils that would influence individuals and communities around the world. In the spring of 2008, their vision became a reality and doTERRA, meaning “gift of the Earth,” was founded. Since the company’s beginning, high-quality essential oils sourced and distributed by doTERRA have spread throughout the globe, enhancing many lives. In addition to sharing essential oils with the world, doTERRA aspired to serve people and communities with the resources they had. Initially, this meant donating to charities, fundraisers, and community projects, but it eventually grew to be much more. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was created in June 2012 as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The foundation is one of the ways doTERRA reaches out and serves communities in need. They do this by partnering with organizations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world. Through the foundation’s efforts, lives are freed of disease and poverty, and communities are empowered with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Donate to Healing Hands

Alpha Delta Pi Foundation

Founded on May 15, 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret society for college women in the world. Established at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, the first college chartered to grant degrees to women in the world, the story of Alpha Delta Pi is a remarkable one and it all began with a young girl’s dream. Eugenia Tucker was just sixteen years old when she left her family home in Laurens County, Georgia, to enter Wesleyan College. Before the end of her first year she would establish the first sorority in the world. The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation was established in 1983 and helps to provide emergency grants to members in crisis, leadership training for collegiate and alumnae sisters, resources to fight hazing and sexual assault, funding for the preservation of monuments and memorials unique to our history, and so much more!

Donate to Alpha Delta Pi Foundation

Ways to get Involved & Take Action

Let's talk about some simple and practical ways for you to get involved today with your charities of choice! Below, you will find a handful of ideas that you can roll with at any given moment that will help others, and bring on those high vibes the world so desperately needs!

Donating Directly

This is probably the most obvious way to get involved, but of course I have to mention it! Sending in a donation to a charity has never been easier! Most organizations have donate buttons on their websites, and all over their social media. Some of them even have a recurring donation option, when you can choose an amount to donate every month! I love utilizing this feature to donate to the Healing Hands foundation, and also my Sorority's foundation as well!


If the organization you are wanting to support is in need of volunteers, this is an extremely meaningful way to get involved, spread awareness, and also have your friends join you. The sky is the limit with volunteering, as you can volunteer locally, or travel across the world to support your charity in a completely different country! More often than not, organizations are in constant need of volunteers to keep their organization running as well, so see this as an opportunity to stay involved regularly!


I feel like we all vaguely remember participating Elementary school fundraisers... or maybe you have kids that are participating in one right now! Regardless, fundraisers are not only a fab way to collect funds for your cause, but it is also fantastic to raise awareness of your cause too! Here you can find an awesome article that lays out 100 Unique Fundraising Ideas that Actually Work to get your wheels turning, and get a fundraiser off the ground and running!

Wearing Swag

It may seem simple, but what you wear on your body is a walking billboard for your cause. You can purchase merchandise from most charitable organizations, the proceeds are then donated to the cause, and you can raise awareness be sporting their swag. The great thing about this is that it really does start conversations, and can also connect you with people who support the organization as well. I got chased down at a Walmart one day when I was wearing my OUR Rescue shirt, just to be thanked and hugged for spreading awareness. You can make waves with a t-shirt, friend!

Go for a Run

If you do a quick google search, you can find 5k walks and runs in your area that are raising money for a charitable cause. If you can't find one nearby... then grab the bull by the horns and start your own! Not only is this a great way to stay active, but you are also encouraging other in your community to participate! Already signed up for one of these walks/runs? Blast it on your social media and have your friends join you! The more the merrier!

Donate your Birthday

Facebook has a super cool option for you to "Donate your Birthday" to a cause, encouraging your friends and family to donate and raise a certain amount for the organization of your choice. I have personally done this and found it to be so rewarding. As we get older, and we let go of expectations on how birthdays play out... this becomes something you can look forward to for so many other reasons! Celebrate how awesome you are by giving the spotlight to a cause you love!

As I said, there are countless ways to get involved, and this just scratches the surface! I hope you are motivated to get moving with some or all of these ideas, and we can help make the world a safer, kinder, more beautiful place for us all!

Which charities speak to you? What actions are you inspired to take today? What kind of fundraiser will you create? I always love hearing your feedback in the comments, so let me know!

Mala Beads

Mala beads are one of my most treasured items. Over the years, I have had a few Malas in my life. Today I'm sharing with you all about my beautiful new mala, and other goodies I've added to my Spiritual medicine bag! Tons of juicy goodness in this post today, so sit back and enjoy!

This is my brand new mala. I have two others, one that broke, and one that I am allergic to. (Say what?!) Let's talk about that before we dig in. My allergy mala has gigantic sandalwood beads, that leave me with an itch rash on my neck that lasts for days. I cannot wear it. I found this to be so strange as I don't have any issues with Sandalwood Essential oil on my skin. I tried everything to get that mala to vibe with me, but ultimately I had to let go of it as a jewelry piece. When I purchased this new mala, I had the same fear that I would have a reaction... but since I was ordering from a new place, I figured I would chance it! When I got the package in the mail, i could instantly feel the positive energy infused into my new jewelry and I was seriously so in love, from he moment I opened it! I could tell how much love and care they put into packaging their products.

I did have some itching in the beginning, but I'm proud to say that I am not rushing or breaking out anymore and this mala LOVES me back! I even reached out to the company to see if they had any suggestions to remedy this allergy and they WORKED! Who is this magical mala company that rocked my world?

Mama Malas.

I will tell you, they have found a lifelong customer in me! From their mission, to their quality, and their customer service... I am absolutely a fan! Their mission blew me away: "Every mother deserves to feel radiant, adore her life and create her own path. Your Mama Malas take your desires and intentions and turn them into something tangible, touchable and real. Designed with healing stones, they cultivate a life of presence, intention and love.  A life led by your heart and not your head. For every Mama Mala sold, a Clean Delivery kit will be delivered to a mother in need," You can learn more about this on the Mama Malas website.

Mama Malas drops som serious info on what Mala Beads are, how to use them, and more. Check it out!

What are mala beads?

Traditionally made with 108 beads plus a large guru stone that represents the intentions and purpose of your mala. Mala beads are meditation necklaces used to recite an affirmation or mantra that can also be worn as jewellery that offers a tangible (and beautiful) reminder of your intentions.

Why are there 108 beads on a mala?

Each mala is made up of 108 +1 beads since it is said that our bodies contain 108 major physical and subtle energy channels that reach the heart chakra. By chanting or listening to  a mantra 108 times the energy from the mantra permeates both the physical and energetic body. The 109th bead, also called the ‘guru’ bead, signifies the beginning and end of your meditation practice.

Although they are referred to as 108 mala beads, each Mama Mala actually contains 108 Sandalwood or Rudraksha beads plus a gemstone guru stone and gemstone markers that divide the mala into two sections of 27 and one of 54 to allow for a shorter, but still balanced, meditation.

Why are your malas made with sandalwood and rudraksha?

Sandalwood has been used to make mala and prayer beads for hundreds of years due to it’s calming and soothing properties. We love it because of its distinctive scent that instantly calms your mind and brings you into a meditative state. Rudraksha beads are the dried and drilled seeds of the Rudraksha Tree. We love that a tree is contained within each tiny seed, representing unlimited growth, possibilities and an open heart.

How do I choose the right set of mala beads for me?

The best advice we can give for choosing the perfect Mama Mala for you is to go with your initial gut instinct. Oftentimes your heart knows what you need before your brain catches up, so even if the intention doesn’t make logical sense, if you are drawn to a particular mala it’s for a reason.

Go a little more in-depth about finding your perfect mala here. Or take a peek here to see which one calls to your heart.

Should I meditate with my Mama Malas?

Absolutely! While mala beads are beautiful accessories on their own we highly recommend giving mala meditation a try because we believe that meditation is the best way to stay present, intentional and calm during the ups and downs of motherhood. We have also found that mala beads offer the perfect distraction from the “monkey mind” that can make starting a meditation practice intimidating or challenging.

How do I meditate with mala beads?

To meditate with your Mama Malas, begin by setting an intention for what you want to cultivate in your life.  Starting with the first sandalwood or rudraksha bead to the right of your guru bead, repeat your chosen mantra once for each sandalwood or rudraksha bead on your mala until you come back around to your guru bead.  End the meditation at the guru bead by giving thanks to the teachers that have helped you along your path, and setting or reaffirming your intentions. You can also hold your mala during a silent meditation and let it absorb the peace of the practice.

I've heard about mala breakthroughs, what are they?

A mala breaking is considered a sign of karmic progression and is something to be fully celebrated. Gemstones have a way of releasing you when they are no longer useful, and a broken mala can symbolise lessons learned and new beginnings. It has done its work. After having a mala breakthrough it is recommended to sit and meditate on the original description and intentions of the mala and process any breakthroughs or progression. Learn more about mala breakthroughs here.

How do I cleanse my mala beads?

Because gemstones absorb and emit energy, it is important to cleanse them if they feel heavy or "off". How often you cleanse your mala will depend on how often you wear them, and the situations you encounter.

If you encounter a lot of negative energy, many people touch or wear your mala, or you deal with a lot of stress, it is a good idea to cleanse your mala. Think of cleansing your mala as hitting the reset button on the healing properties of your stones. You can cleanse your mala with moonlight, or by burning white sage, palo santo or sweet grass.

To cleanse your mala by moonlight  leave place them outside or in a windowsill to absorb the cleansing energy of the moon (full moons work best for recharging crystals).

To cleanse with sage or palo santo place your sage or palo santo onto a fireproof plate and light it. Blow gently on the flame to allow it to smoulder. Take your hand and waft the smoke around your mala beads with the intention of clearing any negative energy.

No matter which way you choose to cleanse your malas be sure to take the time to sit with them and set your intentions after cleansing.

Pretty sweet right? Mama Malas also carry bracelets, and I am in LOVE with mine! The bottom bracelet you see pictured was a free gift with my purchase, made of Howlite and Rose Quartz beads... called the "I am CALM" gemstone intention bracelet. The one on top, (closest to the blackberries) is the Manifesting Mama bracelet. This is made with the same beads in my Male necklace, minus the Sandalwood. it is Made of Quartz, Labradorite, and Mother of Pearl.

"Clear Quartz is the ultimate manifesting stone, storing the energy of your intentions and amplifying them out into the universe. Labradorite and Mother of Pearl assist you in moving forward without fear of insecurity, and heighten your intuition so you are able to see the signs along the way that will move you closer to your dreams."

You can probably see why I am so obsessed with and pleased with my purchase from Mama Malas. I grabbed the pieces I was most drawn to and the have brought so much more positivity into my life! Coupling my meditations with these Malas and my essential oils is my favorite thing ever!

Find your Perfect Mama Mala

Co-Impact Sourcing

I really hope you had a lovely holiday week celebrating the 4th of July. I have got lots of great information in store for you, so let’s get started! This week, I wanted to focus on the quality of our oils, specifically, on dōTERRA’s unique sourcing!

What makes dōTERRA’s oils so great? Well, a lot of things but today I wanted to tell you about Cō-Impact Sourcing®. So what is Cō-Impact Sourcing®? It is an initiative to develop beneficial supplier partnerships that allow our oils to be sourced in their indigenous countries, providing us with the highest quality oils while also creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

This benefits not only our suppliers but has a direct impact in their communities as well. “We recognize the many other gifts essential oils allow us to enjoy, as well as the responsibility to pay those gifts forward.

You can read more about Cō-Impact Sourcing® by checking out this or this page on There are SO many more stories you can read about the Cō-Impact Sourcing® of our oils: Vetiver,  Frankincense, Douglas Fir,  Arborvitae, Ylang Ylang, Wintergreen, and Lavender and Melissa.

One of my absolute favorite examples of Cō-Impact Sourcing® is our partnership with the people of Nepal and our Wintergreen oil. What do you think about Cō-Impact Sourcing®? Isn't it incredible! I would love to hear your feedback on this partnership and what you think of it!

OUR Rescue

This week I am excited to talk about another of the Healing Hand Foundation’s Humanitarian Partnerships, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R Rescue). O.U.R Rescue was created to rescue children from sex trafficking. It was founded by Tim Ballard in December of 2013. Since that time, O.U.R has rescued 670 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 280 traffickers. In 2016 alone, they have 200 rescues and 130 arrests. dōTERRA is proud to be in partnership with this organization and created the Hope oil blend to help contribute to this cause. Each time you purchase dōTERRA Hope Touch, the full price of the bottle is donated to the Healing Hand Foundation which supports O.U.R. Rescue.

dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation has already made such a huge impact in so many lives around the world. The most recent partnership of the Foundation is an organization that was founded to rescue children from slavery and from sex trafficking. The founder of O.U.R rescue, Tim Ballard, had a touching experience while on a rescue mission in Haiti. You can read his story here.

I would also highly recommend you watch this video about how your donations to the Healing Hands Foundation has impacted this amazing cause. I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to know more about Operation Underground Railroad to see how your donations are helping children around the world, check out doTERRA's page about it:

Days for Girls: Part 2

Last week, I shared Wellness Advocate’s participation in the Days for Girls program. This week, I am sharing an interview from Nicole Larson about her experience working with the program. While the stories of the two women were similar, I really enjoyed reading the differences in their responses. Here’s how the interview went:

Q: What impact have you seen Days for Girls have on the locations you’ve been able to visited?

A:  I have been able to go to Ghana and Guatemala to hand out kits and educate the girls and women there. Many of the girls normally use newspaper and dirty cloth because other products were too expensive for them to use. Most of the women who received a kit were blown away that they could walk and go to school during their menstruation.

Q: Do you have any stories that were particularly touching to you?

A: The biggest thing was that we had the opportunity to empower the women and girls. I could see their eyes light up when we told them that they were important and that they were not just there to be used and abused, but to be loved. It was also great to watch them open their kits. They would get really excited when they found out they were given a pair of underwear. Their excitement really reminded me to appreciate the little things in life that we are so fortunate to have.

Q: What aspects of Days for Girls have you been a part of.

A: I have been lucky to be a part of every aspect of this program. I have been able to hand out kits, make the kits, and teach classes to the women and girls. In the classes, we teach about how their bodies work, personal hygiene, personal care, how to keep the kits clean, and how to use all the components of the kit. I think it is so important to educate these girls and give them what they need to be able to properly care for themselves.

Q: Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share?

A: I think people don’t realize what an impact they can have. Helping make the kits can make all the difference for the girls we go and visit. This program is trying to reach every girl and that requires a lot of help from a lot of people. Even if only one extra girl is helped, that can have a huge impact on her, the community she lives, and even the generations that follow her.

Days for Girls works through volunteer efforts only. If you are interested in helping make, assemble, or distribute kits please visit:

Days for Girls

I am very excited for this week’s post! Chelsey at doTERRA had the opportunity to interview some leaders who have took part in the Healing Hands organization of Days for Girls. I am sure you have heard of this program and the many benefits and ways it is blessing the lives of so many women and girls across the world. Check out this video showing the impact Days for Girls with doTERRA is having!

I wanted to help you get a more personal view of the wonderful effects this organization is having. The first interview was with Jennifer Kelly who is currently living in Guatemala working with that chapter of Days for Girls:

Q: What impact is Days for Girls having worldwide and, specifically, in Guatemala?

A: The Days for Girls mission is “Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.” That goal is truly having a global impact. We get to see videos from some of the girls who have received our kits. Their stories about how they are able to stay in school and that they are no longer embarrassed are amazing to hear.

Q: What are you currently working on in the Days for Girls Guatemala chapter?

A: We now have Managers, directors, and 10 seamstresses working in our Guatemala facility creating the kits! We have been able to teach local women how to make the kits, which opens employment opportunities. This is a big deal because most of these women working for us never went to school and are illiterate, but can still have a job and get paid. We are always looking for ways to have a bigger reach in the Guatemalan communities and ways to make producing the kits cheaper. We have plans to purchase two machines that will be able to make the underwear we include in the kits. Being able to make them ourselves will be decrease the cost by two or three times and eliminate the need to purchase from a third party.

Q: Do you have any personal stories about dropping off the kits?

A: During my trip we handed out close to 500 kits to schools. At one of the schools, we asked the teacher what the girls normally do during their periods and the response was that most of them don’t even have underwear to help them. Most of them wear long dark skirts if they even come to school so that if they leak on the chairs, they can discreetly wipe it up without anyone noticing. This was so eye opening for me and made me so grateful that this organization was making such a difference in the world.

If you would like to know more information on this organization, read stories about Days for Girls, or to find out how you can volunteer your time to help this wonderful cause, check out our page about it here:

Sharing Hope

This week I wanted to share a story of hope and healing brought by one of our fellow Wellness Advocates, Patti Stevens, who volunteers her time at the WestCare Foundation Facility in Las Vegas. This facility helps women struggling with addiction or abuse to find the strength to overcome their struggles and discover their self-worth again. Patti uses her Qigong certification, a type of standing meditation, along with her knowledge of yoga to help women relax and find success in the exercises. Serving is one of my favorite ways to get out of the house, which is why I love hearing stories about how other people find ways to serve their communities. Patti Stevens is a great example of using her knowledge of health and wellness to positively benefit the emotional wellbeing of women who have struggled with addictions or abuse. The WestCare Foundation Facility in Las Vegas allows Patti to teach classes that “help women improve their health, find focus, and re-center their lives.” How have you found a good way to use your knowledge of wellness to help those in your community? Read more of her story here on the doTERRA Website.

Why doTERRA?

There are so many reasons why this is important... today I wanted to share the "doTERRA Story" with you! "Founded in 2008, doTERRA was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. Having seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious resources, a group of health-care and business professionals set out to make this mission a reality. They formed a company and named it doTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

The first hurdle to overcome, however, was to establish a standard of quality in an industry that had never had one. It wasn’t enough to simply provide essential oils to homes around the world; the doTERRA founders were committed to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils so that families could know with surety that they were using only the best to promote health and wellness for their loved ones. This commitment lead to the creation of a new standard of therapeutic quality: CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®.

To achieve such a grand vision as bringing essential oils to the world required a team of dedicated people. This team would need to be made up of people dedicated to hard work, commitment, passion, and vision. That team has grown since its initial inception, but the mission remains the same—to provide essential oils that appeal to everyone from the novice to the expert, and that can be used safely on your loved ones.

Sharing essential oils is a unique experience, and the founders of doTERRA recognized that a sales model just as unique would be needed. In order to best facilitate personal essential oil experiences, doTERRA utilizes a direct selling model that allows distributors to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing. This more individual approach allows individuals to experience for themselves the incredible power of essential oils while also developing relationships of trust. This model also created the opportunity for individuals and families to achieve their dreams of financial independence. Over 2 million Wellness Advocates, now use and sell doTERRA products around the world.

The first offering of doTERRA essential oils included 25 single oils and 10 blends and was introduced for sale on April 25, 2008. Since that time, the doTERRA product offering has added many more single oils and oil blends as well as nutritional, spa, and healthy living products based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy. Of course, that offering couldn’t be possible without a Global Botanical Network of artisans and distillers. As doTERRA has become a trusted partner in the essential oils industry, it has also been able to help communities improve their own economic futures through its Co-Impact Sourcing® model and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™.

Based in a state of the art facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah, doTERRA continues to work toward achieving its vision of providing all families everywhere with the health-promoting benefits of essential oils."

One of my favorite parts about doTERRA is the Healing Hands Foundation. The mission of this foundation is incredible. "The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is doTERRA International’s registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. doTERRA provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those receiving aid."

I definitely believe that the brand is important. Not only for quality, purity and potency of the essential oils, but the integrity behind that brand is so SO important. I am proud to partner with a company that is changing the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.

Why am I so stoked about Convention!?

Convention isn't just for the essential oil business maven, it is for the oil enthusiast, novice, wellness advocate, and science geek. What I love about convention, is that it really is for everyone. With so much juicy information and research about essential oils, it is THE place to be. Scientists, Inspirational speakers, and not to mention NEW PRODUCTS flooding your mind, body, and soul, is an incredible experience that I am SO grateful to have every year! 11249707_10207623318723797_5198923924377722642_n

One of my favorite parts about Convention, especially for someone that is new to essential oils or new to doTERRA, is the Product Showcase. What IS the Product Showcase? Well, it's a grand room that is filled with multiple stations to experience all of the products that doTERRA has to offer. Use all five of your senses to experience in dōTERRA’s line of CPTG Essential Oils and other exciting product lines. You won’t want to miss being the first to try the new products that will be launched at this year’s convention, the Product Showcase allows you the opportunity to try them all. I also love that they set up different education and experience stations along the outside of the showcase. Here you can experience an Aromatouch hand treatment, taste Slim & Sassy products, learn about supplements, and you can also win special goodies!

We also have the opportunity to purchase a kit of all the newly released products for a discounted price! It is SO awesome being able to take home all of the new goodies before they are released the following month! I am going crazy trying to figure out what will be in the magic box this year... I have a few hunches and I hope that I am right!


OH! And did I tell you who will be performing at the fun Street Party this year? Colbie Callait! How often do you get to stand 100 feet from Colbie Caillat? Make that happen by coming to Convention this year! I am super excited about this as I love her jams and can't wait to rock out with all of my oily friends and oil family!


Another BIG thing for me about Convention is the focus on changing the world, by our Healing Hands Foundation and the Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative we have in place. Seeing the change that we are making and the difference in the world because of doTERRA is mind blowing. I can promise you will cry at some point. You will be moved to tears by the power one drop of essential oil has across the globe.

The Convention experience is incredible and as I said, is really for everyone! I do want to talk about the experience of convention as a business owner as well. My oil business is my career, and I can't tell you enough how life changing Convention has been for my business. Not only do you get even more familiar with the beautiful oils you are already using, but you get an immersive education on them in addition to world class leadership training. In the world of Network Marketing, I'm sure you have heard it said before that you're in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself. Oh how this is SO true in the doTERRA world. You will go home with so much more than you expected and feel invigorated! Convention is THE place to be if you are serious about taking your oil business to the next level.


When is Convention? doTERRA One 2016 Global Convention will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 14th through the 17th, 2016. My family will be turning our journey to Salt Lake into a Homeschool road trip and stopping at the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, doTERRA's Campus, and probably a handful of other sweet locations along the way. I can't wait to share our journey with you on Facebook Live :) Are you considering joining us at Convention? You can still register and grab your ticket here!


Changing the World

This woman is one of my heroes! It's not surprising, that every now and then we find someone who inspires us to do better, be better, and help create a better world for ourselves and our children. Diabetes and obesity is everywhere in America and Lavonia Nowell is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate that is teaching others how to avoid it through a processed-free diet. She lost weight through this healthy lifestyle change and now she helps others to do the same. I also found the Processed-Free America site to be really educational! This is a must-read!

We all have the power to create positive change in this world, and I am so grateful to be part of a community of people doing just that. Thank you for your shining example Lavonia, of what it means to be a Wellness Advocate! You are a rock star!


Wintergreen in Summer? Yes. Definitely. With so many awesome things going for it, you are going to find this it is another staple for your home! My top Wintergreen tip? I love using it after a workout, and massage it into my muscles! Whoohoo! Wait until you find out why doTERRA chose to source Wintergreen from Nepal! Wintergreen essential oil is derived from the leaves of a creeping shrub found in coniferous areas. The main chemical component in Wintergreen, methyl salicylate, is used in topical creams and massage blends because of its soothing properties. In fact, Wintergreen and Birch are the only plants in the world that contain methyl salicylate naturally. As a flavoring, small amounts of Wintergreen are used in candies, toothpaste, and chewing gum. When diffused, Wintergreen has a refreshing aroma that’s uplifting and stimulating.



  • Great for a warming soothing massage after exercise
  • Has a refreshing aroma that’s uplifting and stimulating
  • Frequently used in gum, candy, and toothpaste for flavoring

For a super fun diffuser blend that might smell a little bit like rootbeer... add 3 drops Wintergreen and 3 drops Citrus bliss to your diffuser!

The Co-Impact Sourcing initiative in Nepal allows doTERRA to source high quality Wintergreen oil while increasing the economic opportunity of rural harvesters.

Wintergreen in Nepal

Wintergreen essential oil comes from the leaves of a creeping shrub, commonly found in coniferous areas. In order to thrive, Wintergreen requires a cool climate in a shady, heavily forested area, with very specific soil conditions. Because of the qualifications needed to grow this rare plant, it is most commonly found in remote areas of the Himalayan foothills. The unique growing requirements for wintergreen make Nepal and China the sole providers of “wild harvested” wintergreen in the world. Though many companies produce wintergreen synthetically, the highest quality natural wintergreen oil comes from these secluded foothills.

Wintergreen Harvesters

To harvest Nepalese wintergreen, harvesters must travel through steep, muddy mountainsides, removing wintergreen leaves from the shrub. Many of these harvesters are women, who leave their families early in the morning and carry heavy baskets of wintergreen leaves on their backs until they are nearly overflowing. Full baskets are taken to the local distillery where large stills are filled to the brim with collected wintergreen leaves. The distillation process takes roughly 14 hours to complete—yielding a small amount of oil.
Harvesters in these rural areas don’t have many options when it comes to providing for their families. The ability to find work has become even more difficult in recent years due to natural disasters, which have severely limited economic opportunities.


doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative in Nepal

Many people in Nepal are deeply concerned about sustainable wintergreen harvesting. In the communities where wintergreen is wild harvested, there are organized community groups that collectively own and oversee the forest areas. These groups decide which areas of wintergreen can be harvested, when to harvest them, and who will harvest the wintergreen in order to yield the greatest benefit for the community and ensure that the plants are properly cared for. Within these groups, distillation units are typically community-owned. Using this type of harvesting and distillation system, power and ownership remains in the hands of the people. This system is a great fit for doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing. Working directly with community groups and harvesters, doTERRA has created long-term sourcing agreements to buy Wintergreen essential oil. This provides a steady and reliable income for harvesters, and gives doTERRA a top-quality Wintergreen oil in return.

Healing Hands Foundation™ Involvement

Even before the devastating earthquakes in Nepal during the spring of 2015, the country faced severe economic challenges. After the two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, organizations and nations around the world sent aid in the form of money, supplies, and personnel to help rebuild Nepal. The outpouring of humanitarian aid was immense; unfortunately, many of the remote villages were out of the scope and reach of available funding.
Co-Impact Sourcing® and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ in Nepal | doTERRA Essential Oils 2016-07-18 14-22-14
The majority of the wintergreen growers and harvesters in Nepal live in the remote Dolakha district, where almost every home was destroyed as a result of the earthquakes. Partnering with CHOICE Humanitarian, the Healing Hands Foundation set up a donation fund to assist in the relief efforts for these areas. doTERRA also helped provide temporary housing tents for those whose homes were completely destroyed. Many of the distillation units were damaged in the earthquakes, making it difficult to produce Wintergreen oil. The efforts of the Healing Hands Foundation and CHOICE Humanitarian helped the harvesters and other villagers get back on their feet and move forward after these catastrophic events.

I am amazed that the earthquakes in Nepal were just the beginning of a terrible problem. Reading this article helped me to see that the after-math of the quake was just as bad, if not worse, as the earthquake itself. After the earthquake, people were at greater risk of infection, disease, and so much more, but I was grateful to hear that non-profits like CHOICE Humanitarian and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation acted fast to help support them. For an uplifting note, read this article!


Arborvitae, is an incredible oil! It is very grounding and is known as the "Tree of Life". It is native to Canada and has a zero waste process in it's extraction process. There are many ways to utilize this oil in your home! With natural preservation properties, essential oil from the native Canadian Arborvitae tree acts as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent, while providing a warm, earthy aroma.

From a scientific standpoint, Arborvitae is concentrated in tropolones, such as hinokitiol, which are a group of chemical compounds that protect against environmental and seasonal threats and have powerful purifying properties. These compounds also contribute to Arborvitae’s natural insect repellent properties. Thujic acid, another tropolone found in Arborvitae, has been studied for its ability to protect against common threats in the environment. Because of its natural preserving properties, Arborvitae prevents wood from rotting, which makes it popular in woodcraft and for preserving natural wood surfaces.

When using arborvitae to address your emotions, arborvitae will help to promote peaceful feelings of feeling grounded, and allowing you to relax. Let's take a look at some of the wonderful things Arborvitae has to offer you.


  • Protects against environmental and seasonal threats
  • Powerful cleansing and purifying agent
  • Natural insect repellent and wood preservative
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or hands to protect against environmental threats.
  • Apply to wrists and ankles while hiking.
  • Diffuse to purify the air and to repel insects inside the home.
  • Mix 4 drops of Arborvitae essential oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil for a natural wood preservative and polish.
  • Use during meditation for a sense of peace and calm.



-1/4 cup olive oil

-1/4 cup vinegar

-10 drops Arborvitae Essential Oil

-Add to glass spray bottle


As you can see it is super versatile and a wonderful addition to your oils! If you want to see something that will BLOW your mind, check out this quick video below to see how Arborvitae is sourced! You will be amazed!


The story of Arborvitae is such a beautiful love story, and I am so glad to be able to share it with you today. Such a wonderfully special oil! What do you think about Arborvitae?