Why I changed my Branding

If you didn't see it coming... the time has come! 

I have been mulling over this shift for some time now, and I'm so grateful to my mentor and friend Michelle Marie Sorro and our beautiful chat at Date with Destiny last week. That Crazy Oil Lady is still very much a part of me and a HUGE part of my life and business, but it is no longer my headlining brand. Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed... let me explain.

Nearly 6 years ago, That Crazy Oil Lady the brand was born. A place for me to share about essential oils, and the beautiful transformations that come from using doTERRA's gifts of the earth. I wrapped myself in this identity. A few years back, I tried to shift and branch out by creating a secondary brand to share my writing, and minimalist loves... but I quickly realized something felt off. 

Most recently when I was at Date with Destiny I had multiple breakthroughs, some of which showed me how much I have been hiding myself in my business and life. I also realized that some of my loves and multiple passions have >>pushed<< me in alternate directions from my one true love... and that is writing. 


I am an Author. 
I am a Wife.
I am a Blogger.
I am a Mother.
I am a Screenwriter.
I am a Philanthropist.
I am a Songwriter.
I am a Community Leader.
I am an Essential Oiler.
I am That Crazy Oil Lady.

but what sums up all of that?
I am Dalea Faulkner.

I mentioned that nothing has changed and yet everything has changed... can you see now what I mean? Taking ownership of myself, sharing my heart with all of you, and being proud to stamp my OWN name on everything that I do... this is a gift I am giving myself. 

I will still be sharing the same great content, with a little more light and a lot more love! I am so grateful to have you on this journey with me, and over the next few months, you will see a shift in some of my branding. Never be afraid to step into your greatness my friends. This might seem small to you, but for me this is truly everything. Divinely inspired, guided, and I feel absolutely alive with every step I'm taking!

Thank you!

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