So you want to start an Oil Biz...

What exactly do I do? Well, I empower families with healthy alternatives using Essential Oils & Wellness Products. I sell doTERRA products and the lifestyle they produce. How do I do that? To put it simply, I just share how we utilize oils and wellness in our own life, educate others about the vast benefits of Essential Oils, and I foster relationships. Anyone that comes into my life is greatly important to me. I believe we all have something valuable to share with the world!

I love talking on the phone and listening to stories about your children and hubbies, and how oils are impacting your life in a positive way. On top of all this awesomeness, I am happily married and a stay at home mother to our son. We homeschool, which is super rewarding, and I also love to stay active with my little family. Yoga, reading, writing, painting, going dancing with my girlfriends, running, walking and coloring (yes... I said coloring) are all activities that I enjoy and partake in regularly.

Essential Oils have always been part of my life. When I was an infant, my mother (who immigrated from Germany at the age of 18) had family send her some peppermint essential oil. She grew up with natural remedies, herbs and oils, so naturally, she continued this way of life, and shared it with me. Throughout my childhood, adolescence, and well into adulthood, I used Lavender, Peppermint, and Melaleuca. I used them primarily for Aromatic and Topical application. When I found doTERRA, I knew something was different... special... a class of it's own in quality. We (my husband, son, parents, extended family) have been using these oils exclusively since March of 2013, and it has been one of the most life changing decisions for us. I am so proud to be part of a company that cares so much for the wellbeing of everyone all over the world, including those that harvest and source our oils. I promise you though, you don't need to be an expert to start an Oil Biz!

Why would you want to start a business with doTERRA?

  • The largest essential oil company in the world
  • Debt-free with no outside interest or funding
  • Led by an executive team of business, marketing, and healthcare professionals with 150+ years of combined industry experience
  • Part of the trillion dollar wellness industry (one of the top 5 growing industries)
  • The Compensation plan Rewards leadership
  • Incentivizes synergy and collaboration
  • Sets you up to create a powerful lasting financial pipeline
  • Average retention rate of 65% (Industry avg. is 8%!)

I'm going to give it to you straight, I absolutely love what I do. I love to help people achieve their dreams and goals! I find joy in helping you find and live your joy. I could not imagine living without these incredible oils, as they have impacted our lives in a positive way. 100%. I will meet you where you are at, and we will figure out the best path to help you reach your goals. Keep in mind, this isn't some get rich quick mumbo-jumbo. This is a business that will help you create a residual income. I have over 12 years of experience in Network Marketing, in the service industry, and have gone through numerous programs and trainings to hone my success in business. It is my wish for you, to give and share with you all of my resources so that you too, can live your dreams.

Watch this quick video below (it's less than 4 minutes) and then you can check out the breakdown of doTERRA's awesome compensation plan.

Are you hauling buckets or are you creating a pipeline? My husband Brien is completely finished with hauling buckets and focused on supporting my oil business and expanding the pipeline I have already created with essential oils. I would love to help you create a pipeline of your own! Let's take a look at how doTERRA's Compensation plan works, the 5 different ways to create income with it, and also identify what is going to be your Pipeline money.

Retail Profit (Paid Monthly)

Wellness Advocates earn 25 percent profit on purchases made by their Retail Customers. This can be done online on your 100% FREE website from doTERRA. This website works immediately after you are enrolled as a wellness advocate.

This is "bucket hauling" income, but income nonetheless. It is very rare for me to collect retail profits, as most people want to save 25% as a wholesale customer.

Are you getting excited? We haven't even scratched the surface yet! The second way to create an income with doTERRA is...

Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)

Earn commissions immediately! Paid weekly on new enrollee volume for their first 60 days. In other words, you earn 20% commission on any new team member enrollment for their first 2 months. AND you collect bonus commissions on top of that! YOU as the Enroller, must have 100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order to receive this bonus.

This is "bucket hauling" AND "pipeline" income. It is bucket hauling as it is based on your efforts as an enroller. You only collect those 20% commissions if you're enrolling! It is pipeline income as well, because you get commissions when your team enrolls too.

This next avenue of income with doTERRA is one of my favorites, and a BIG hit in my business community, and that is...

Power of 3 Bonus (Paid Monthly)

Each person pictured needs 100+PV LRP and each team needs 600 TV to receive this sponsor bonus. There are 3 levels to this bonus, enabling you to make $50, $250, or $1500! I have a completely separate post that is dedicated to breaking down how awesome the Power of 3 bonus is. You can read more on Structuring your Team for Success here!

This is "pipeline" income. 

Now we get to the BIG guys! These last two was to create an income with doTERRA have no limits and can really change your financial future, provided that you work your biz!

Unilevel Organizational Bonus (Paid Monthly on Compressed Organizational Volume)

Paid monthly on team volume outside the Fast Start bonus window (member’s first 60 days). dōTERRA’s generous Unilevel compensation pays higher commissions on the larger lower levels. Unilevel dynamically compresses up past non-qualifying members. Take a look at the chart below to see the payouts.

Basically what this means, is that doTERRA is paying you the most on the most people in your organization. This incentivizes helping and supporting other leaders, and eliminates the "greedy" factor that comes with other compensation plans. What this does, is help you to become a better leader, by helping those on your team hit their own bonuses and goals! No need for a huge frontline or massive recruiting on your part, as you can work together with your team!

This is hardcore "Pipeline Income".

If you would like to see the 2016 Opportunity and Earning Disclosure Summary, with the most up to date average incomes for doTERRA Ranks, you can download a copy by clicking the button below.

2016 Opportunity and Earning Disclosure Summary

Leadership Pools (Paid Monthly on Compressed Organizational Volume)

With Leadership, come Leadership Bonuses! So, here is the fifth way for you to create an income with doTERRA. This is also "Pipeline Income".

I strive to provide my team members (my oil family) with the most up to date information, whether it is the latest products, sales, trainings, specials, or new uses for oils. If you are looking to learn new things about wellness and essential oils, this is the team for you! I also have a special Facebook Community where we share questions and ideas, and exclusive content here on this website, only for my Leaders! You will have access to so many business tools and materials at your disposal. I will support you in your oil journey, because you deserve to live your best life!

Testimonials from Happy Oil Biz Babes


Skyler Mechelle

Advocate for Powerful Women

That Crazy Oil Lady and her team are so much more than just a group of business leaders, they are a tribe of warriors choosing to walk out their holistic living journeys together.

This is the essence of Dalea's business; connectivity. Not only is she a powerful and intuitive leader, but she has a unique ability to create an environment that invites you to step onto your own journey with Essential Oils, rather than simply providing a "quick fix" solution. Working with her opens up an opportunity for life-long improvement, without the pressure of going at it alone. Dalea Faulkner walks her talk, and it shows.

Whether you come to Dalea for your own personal Essential Oil journey, a short and succinct Holistic Living inquiry, or with a heartfelt decision to partner with her and her Crazy Oil Team in business, the second you say "yes" is the second you understand why you felt led to in the first place.

There are so many ways Dalea has helped me grow my business. I've been using essential oils for about 2 years now because Dalea introduced me to them. No matter what time I text her with questions she replies almost instantly. The ideas I get from her, I apply to my business and they work! She has been a great resource for me and my fellow team members when we need all brains working together to help with an issue.

All the resources and materials we are provided here and by Dalea have been AWESOME in growing my business!!! I know I will always have encouragement from Dalea whenever I feel like tossing in the towel. I can always count on her for ideas and encouragement because this business works!


Dania Ponce

Essential Oil Educator and Stay at home Mom

In addition to the materials I create and provide for FREE to my team members, I can’t rave enough about the amount of support, love, inspiration & resources you will get from my exclusive online community! These are (of course) FREE to you as a bonafide member of That Crazy Oil Team. Learn how to build an essential oil network marketing business from the ground up and get your self going straight out of the gate! You are going to absolutely love the content I provide you, from personal one on one mentoring, to helping you cultivate a culture for your own team, you will be supported 100% of the way!

Are you ready to opt-in to your life and build your Pipeline with me? Let's do it! Click the button below, read up on "Wellness Advocate", Select your oils, and get started today! You deserve to live your best life, and I'm so happy to help you get started!

I'm ready to Opt-In to my Life and Build a Pipeline with That Crazy Oil Lady!