Top 10 Tips to taking Care of Yourself

Your body is a temple and taking care of your body is crucial to vitality and longevity. Today I'm sharing 10 ways to support your body to maintain good health and promote overall well-being!


Drinking enough water daily, is so critical and important. Not only will you be nourishing your body by hydrating adequately, but you will likely feel more vibrant and see a difference in your skin!


Eating fresh, raw, greens every day gets those extra awesome nutrients in your body. Chlorophyll up that belly and welcome the new found energy into your lifestyle!

Morning Routine.

Establish a morning routine, or daily ritual where you can practice self care. Whether you are drinking a cup of tea, or writing a few things down in a gratitude journal, start your day off in a way that lights you up inside!

Essential Oils.

You know your body best, and supporting your emotions and body systems with essential oils is a fantastic way to feel good, promote positive feelings, and increase your energy.


Get outside and explore. Whether you go on a walk, run, hike, biking, or what have you, getting outdoors and into the world helps fill up your cup. The elements have a way of showing us the bigger picture.

Move it.

Provided that your health care practitioner feels that it is safe for you, moving your body is a wonderful way to take care of yourself. Yoga, pilates, marathon training, crossfit, whatever you choose to do, keep moving!


Again, you know your body best, and you KNOW that you need to rest. If you are constantly stressed out all the time, you aren't taking time to rest and recharge. Stop the glorification of being BUSY and rest.


Talk to your loved ones, your friends, family, your tribe! Sharing about our lives with those that we love is so so important. If you are going through a hard time and you need help, no one will know unless you talk about it.


Did someone say Joy list? Play is critical for us at every age. Try to do something from your Joy list every single day. Make your happiness a priority and write it down in your planner. Love to paint? Paint! Love to sing karaoke? Sing! Just do it!

Quit Perfectionism.

Lining your duckies in a row doesn't serve you or what you are trying to achieve. Have a plan, and set to to do things, but KNOW that it doesn't have to look a certain way. Perfection is a fable that we need to stop telling ourselves at bedtime.