Time: Poetry Series

Ready or not, I'm bringing out my poetry in full force. ⠀

I've decided that it's TIME for me to put an end to solely baring my soul on the page, and share even more of it here with you. I thought it would be perfect to start with a poem I loved writing called "Time".⠀


Wavelike ripples in the water

Time drips slowly, like a faucet.

The pool, small icy and blue

each drip like a heartbeat.

The sweet ticktock of the timepiece 

reminds me you’re not so far away

that we are one step closer

breaths away

from touching

moments away

from holding each other.

You are like a shooting star

so rare, so perfect, and so beautiful.

It’s said that shooting stars fade away...

but not you.

You will be there long after your time has 


Time so sweet, so good to you,

my shining star.

Our love will last for decades, centuries



Our love eternal

Like the sun, the earth, the moon

the stars...

Hold me.

If you'd like to see more of my poetry, please let me know! I am so excited to share it with you!

Dalea FaulknerComment