The Silver Lining

Once upon a time my hubby applied for a job transfer so we could move to Colorado and totally got it! Then the very next day his work was like “Jay-Kay, you don’t have it.” No really, that’s exactly what happened! Anyhow, it really irked us both at first. Since then, we have really come to see the silver lining in it. We are actually looking in areas that are much MUCH less metropolitan, like Fort Collins and my new favorite, Bailey. Fort Collins is kind of the middle ground as far as size and amenities, whereas Bailey is kind of really really small. (Which we love!)

Believe it or not, we can afford a 4+ Bedroom home somewhat similar to this with the same view and a good chunk of land in Bailey. The crime is pretty much nonexistent there so that is a huge plus too. In Fort Collins we would basically be looking at track homes, which isn’t what we really want, but we could deal with it for a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, Aurora and Denver are super awesome… but when you break it down they are HUGE! I’m pretty sure having 4 or more Targets and Super Targets qualifies as HUGE. But, who doesn’t love Target?

The last few weeks have been… well, they have been PURE HELL. Packing up the house into bins and putting it in the POD have sucked. It sucked so much I had at least 3 mental/emotional breakdowns and finally got sick… literally sick! Yesterday was the last day packing stuff into the POD. We had the carpets cleaned, the house cleaned, and just have some stuff in the garage that belongs to my parents, and hubby’s work.

In a couple days, we will have a sign in the yard and the house will be for sale! Now the waiting game begins, waiting for a buyer and also waiting to hear back from the places the hubby has applied to. It really does make it nicer not to have to restrict ourselves to one area. We can really look at all the places we like and he can apply accordingly. Once the house is sold we plan to make a trip out there to take a look and the areas we like and make some decisions!

Pretty soon, we will be getting cozy in our Colorado home!