The Move Continues

We listed our home on the market back in October of 2014 and just 11 short days later we had an offer on the table. We came back with 2 counter offers and let the buyer select which one appealed to them best. After some paperwork escrow was set to close on December 8th! Come to find out that their realtor was on vacay and highly difficult to reach, so the house didn’t close until January 2nd! It sold but it really put us quite a ways behind where we were hoping to be.

However, it still put us on track where we wanted to be as far as paying off our debts. We got our net proceeds check and paid everything off. I even sold our Corolla! I loved that little car but there’s no way she’d make it in that Colorado weather! We do have “new debt” but it’s nothing that can’t be paid off quickly. We purchased a new 2015 Subaru Forester and paid for half of it outright. Our monthly payment on it is less than what we were paying on the Corolla, so we will be sending what we had budgeted before (ends up being $30 more than the payment) every month. We also plan to pay the car off in full asap. It’s one of the first big things on our list.

Brien sent an email to Altec again, basically because he loves his job and loves the company. They have been so good to him. Coincidentally when he sent the email a position magically appeared in Aurora again. So naturally he applied. Long story short, he got the transfer! His first official day of work in CO is February 16th! We are both really excited and happy to move forward.

Since this happened so quickly we are kind of pressed to get everything wrapped up here in California. Brien will work out in CO for a week (maybe 2) and then come back so we can finish up and drive out there together.

Currently we are looking for housing. There are some really beautiful homes that have caught our eye. Even if it’s something we buy and don’t love, it’s actually cheaper than renting a tiny apartment for a year to find something we love.

Outside of that, I’m going to plan a party, a farewell/bon voyage shindig of sorts so that we can see everyone before we go. Unfortunately I won’t have time now to meet with EVERYONE individually like I wanted. Hopefully the going away get together will be a success and we will all have a blast!

Since we don’t know how settled we will be, we have postponed and put off some events that we do yearly. It’s not because we don’t want to go, but because we want to make sure we have a level of stability before committing to making multiple trips to California.

I will keep you posted on what’s in store for us next!