Confession Series: The Doctor

I have a confession...

2019 is has been amazing so far. 

One of the most important commitments I made to myself this year was to take care of my body even more. What does that actually mean? Well, and here’s that confession you were looking for, I have been neglecting to go to the doctor for far too long. It’s been 7 years since I updated my eye prescription. It’s been too long for everything and I put a stop to it this month. 

New Glasses

It was scary and I knew I needed to do it. I booked appointments with the doctor, dentist, eye doctor, and eh-hem lady doctor, and I feel so much better. The thing about it is, we have so much more confidence in ourselves when we know what’s going on with our bodies. We may not like what’s going on, but at least we have information. Even when things are scary, like having your blood drawn... the other side is so much better. And yes, I’m a complete baby about that btw. Brien had to hold my hand. No shame... just truth. 

Today I’m celebrating my new prescription, and blue-light lenses, that are going to support my eye health and overall wellness. In the months to come, I’m going to continue tackling these appointments and welcoming them with open arms. I’m so grateful to have a team of doctors that genuinely care for and support me. I’m so grateful to have a husband that will come with me to appointments that have my nerves in knots. 

Please please, take care of yourselves. Informed Self Care and Proactive Medical care are vital! Love you!

Dalea FaulknerComment