Tarnished Silver & Self Care

This morning, I took one of my old sorority rings out. It is a very simple silver ring with an engraving. I held it in my hand for a bit. Inspecting all the tarnish that covered it. Then I grabbed a microfiber cloth and began to polish it. After a couple minutes and some elbow grease, my ring was nice and shiny, catching the light and sparkling like new.

It got me thinking about the immense self-care I have been undergoing these last few months.

Self care is exactly like Silver. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you tarnish. Tarnish comes from negativity. This negativity isn’t just self created, it can come from multiple areas in your life. People telling you that you can’t do something, co-workers, toxic friendships… all of those things create a filmy layer of tarnish in your life. What I realized, is that self care must be an on-going ritual. Personal growth is the microfiber that polishes away the tarnish. If you are regularly polishing your silver, it shines like the sun! The same goes for ourselves. If we want to shine, we need to hunker down and take care of us.

My mornings are spent in the quiet. Reading, Journaling, Meditation and Prayer get me in a positive head space where I can move forward through my day and shine like I am meant to. We all have the same potential. We all have the same opportunity to choose tarnish as well.

My choice… pick up the microfiber and get to work.