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Non-Toxic PSL Home Fragrance

Yes. Pumpkin Spice. It's here! Well, it's ALMOST here ;) I'm the kind of girl who loves a great, tasty, warm and inviting aroma in my home... and of course a nice pumpkin spice latte! However, I'm totally not a fan of the toxic crap and yuck that can come with it. SO I went to the drawing board... well actually I went into my kitchen, and started some pumpkin-spicey-kitchen-witchery for the fall season.

What did I end up doing? Well let me tell you this, I whipped up a little pumpkin spice miracle that is going to plaster a smile on your face. This was super simple and didn't take much time at all!


-Pumpkin Pie Spice

-Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

-Cardamom Essential Oil

-Vanilla Extract


-Fragrance free PartyLite Votive (for the part to be melted)

-Candle warmer* or flameless warmer

-*Fragrance free PartyLite tea-light needed



-Take the wick out of the votive and place in either your candle warmer or flameless melt warmer.

-Add 3 drops each of essential oils

-Add a teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

-Add 2 shakes of Pumpkin Pie Spice

-Light the tea-light or turn on the melt warmer

-Once the wax has melted, take the toothpick and stir the ingredients around so they mix together nicely. (The spices will eventually settle to the bottom but that is ok!)

-Enjoy the freaking amazing aroma that is about to permeate your living space!


I set this little ditty up in our guest room, just before my parents came to visit and had it going all day. My mom walked into the room and was totally amazed by the aroma and so grateful to know that I made it myself!

I hope you enjoy this natural and non-toxic home fragrance just as much as I do! I feel totally ready for the fall season and there's no guilt for filling up my home with a beautiful scent. One of the reasons I LOVE my essential oils so much! The versatility and ability to create a happier and safer version of the things that I love makes me so grateful!

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