Structuring your Team for Success

Power of 3 bonuses. Sometimes the go so unappreciated! Let's talk about how we can structure our team to help move forward in rank, get our bonuses, and also help our leaders do the same.

I'm sure you are familiar with the power of 3 structure, if not, the bonus is meant to reward you for having proper structure by paying out, either $50, $250, or $1500. Super exciting. I like to think of it in a different way. When you HELP 3 people earn their $250 bonus, you get the big guy. SO, let that be your focus.

Focus on helping 3 of your frontline leaders earn their $250 bonus, and teach that to your team. Don't over think this. Remember, this business is simple, all you need to do is implement the steps necessary to achieve your goal (rank, bonus, etc) and you will get there. By focusing on the goals of your leaders, you have no choice but to succeed, as you are helping them to reach and exceed their own goals.

You can do this one of 2 ways. You can either go the passive approach, by relying on your teams to structure properly, or you can actively partake in this structuring to ensure that everyone succeeds. As soon as a cog falls out of place, you as a leader need to make a decision. Do I mope about my power of 3 not being intact, or do I go out there and set up another Elite & $250 leg? The choice is up to you. We have said it before, it is YOUR business.

Remembering that your teammates are your most precious asset, is important. You can absolutely go it alone and build a huge organization yourself, but there may be resentment and animosity that builds up. It is so much more effective to work symbiotically with your teammates as you are all working toward the same common goal.

Here is an awesome training from a Leader on my team. She's also my mom!

If there is anything I could emphasize as the most important thing in structuring, it is placing people where they are going to be supported the most. NOW, if they are your enrollment, it shouldn't really matter where you place them, as YOU are the one that is going to be their primary support in this business.

This means you can place them where you need volume, and you can also place them where you think they would match personalities and get on well with those team members. Ultimately, regardless of where you place your people, YOU must take care of them. They are your baby.

We all make mistakes with structure and placement. Even the biggest leaders in doTERRA don't have a perfect structure. Know that the efforts you are putting into your business now are going to provide your with longterm pipeline income, if you continue to move forward and don't let the hiccups deter you from your inevitable success.