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Hootsuite Amplify is an app found in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. By purchasing this year-long subscription, you will receive access to doTERRA social media content designed specifically for doTERRA members. Scroll through beautiful imagery and, with a simple click of the button, edit and share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In. Download the additional free Hootsuite app to schedule content. These two apps work seamlessly so that you can quickly schedule a month’s worth of content in minutes. With your subscription, you’ll receive an email with step by step instructions that will make setting up your profile and sharing to social media simple and effective. **The $14.99 charge covers one full year, and will renew when the year is up.

What is Amplify?

Amplify is an app created by Hootsuite that gives users access to unique content created by doTERRA for Wellness Advocates to use on their own social media sites. New content will be added on a weekly basis, helping you establish both consistency and quality in sharing doTERRA online.

The following is a tutorial on how to get started in Amplify:

  1. Purchase the app in your back office. (Amplify Subscription SKU: 60200744) Your subscription will cost $14.99 for the entire year. This subscription will be renewed the following year. You will be notified and given the opportunity to opt out before the renewal.
  2. Download Amplify to your phone. Amplify is designed to work with all Android and IOS devices. (Please note: If you would like the ability to edit and schedule your posts, also download the Hootsuite app for IOS or Android. You can add up to three social media platforms to this app before needing to purchase a premium account.)
  3. Wait for up to 48 business hours for an email from Hootsuite to set up your password. Your username for Amplify will be the email address you use for your back office. Please ensure that this email address is correct prior to making your purchase. You will also receive a welcome email from doTERRA with further setup information.
  4. Sign in to Amplify with your new password. You will then be guided through the setup process, as written in the following steps.
  5. Upload or take a profile picture, and add a title. For your title you can put in “doTERRA Wellness Advocate.”
  6. Add your social networks. At this time Amplify works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. To post to a business page instead of your personal Facebook page, select the flag icon when you would like to share. This will allow you to choose which page to post to. (If you have open or closed Facebook groups, you can add it to the Hootsuite app. Keep in mind that it will take up one of your three accounts allowed on the free version of Hootsuite. This is also only an option for Android devices at this time. Facebook Groups support will not be available for iPhones until the end of March.)
  7. Stay up-to-date by enabling push notifications. You will be notified each time new content has been added to Amplify.
  8. Tailor your home feed with the topics that interest you. The topics currently available are: Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, Wellness Products, Promotions, and Sharing doTERRA.
  9. You are then free to browse your home feed populated by the categories you chose. Once you find content that fits what you want to share, simply click on “Share” and select one of the icons for that content to be immediately uploaded to that platform. By sharing to the black Hootsuite icon, you can schedule your post in the Hootsuite mobile app.

Why Amplify?

It is a plain truth—social media is here to stay, and it is constantly evolving. Successful businesses big and small recognize its benefits, as well as its pitfalls. If you have friends involved in other companies, you have probably experienced one of these pitfalls already—most of us have received seemingly endless invites to parties all designed to sell you something. Over time, a businesses’ message can get lost in the noise.

So, when it comes down to whether or not you should be using social media for your business, there are three questions that you are probably asking yourself:

  1. How can I stand out from the crowd and promote doTERRA in a tasteful and compliant way?
  2. How much time will social media consume out of my already-busy schedule?
  3. Is it worth it?

The new Hootsuite™ Amplify app is the answer to each of these questions. What is Amplify? In the most basic terms, Amplify is a content library of posts where new content is added several times a week. Once you have Amplify, you have access to a large amount of doTERRA approved posts that you can use on your own social media platforms (currently Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

Amplify is your path to standing out in the social media world without needing to be a social media guru. The first rule of social media content is that it must be high-quality, meaning that it needs to look professional and contain useful information. The content that doTERRA puts into Amplify will help you to have both quality and consistency in your messaging. You can also edit the blurb or photo included with each post (as shown in this tutorial) or you can post it directly as is.

In regards to your schedule, Amplify could not make it easier to fit social media into your busy life. When you need to post to your social media platform, simply go to Amplify, pick the post you want, and post it. Or, if you want to schedule your posts out for the next week or the next month, you can plan out posts by using Amplify and the free version of the Hootsuite app. (For more instructions, see our tutorial here.) 

Finally, using social media can help you expand your business in ways you never thought possible. While this is not the only way to build your doTERRA business, it is an effective tool for reaching out to those you could not otherwise. If you approach social media with the mindset that you are touching actual lives, not just making connections with computer screens, your social media efforts can become more genuine and impactful. Behind the screens there are people, and people that still want to make a personal connection with you. Amplify simply gives you the tools you need to make those personal connections.

Have any other questions? Check out the following frequently asked questions, this Q&A post, or leave us a comment below.


  1. Will Instagram or Pinterest be available to share to?Yes, you can now post to Instagram. At this time Pinterest is not available.
  2. Can this be added to a LRP order?At this time the subscription cannot be added to LRP. You must place your order as a one-time, or standard order.
  3. Is Amplify a doTERRA-made app?No, this app is created by Hootsuite whom we have partnered with to provide Wellness Advocates with a supreme Social Media experience.


**Please allow up to 72 business hours for integration into the app. You will receive an email from Hootsuite Amplify to set up your password. Email must be received and password set before entering the app.