Self-Care Playbook

Fill up your cup. Literally, with something lovely like tea, coffee, or essential oil water... and metaphorically with quiet time and things that make you light up inside. We ALL need to do this. Most of us KNOW that we need to do this, we either just choose not to, or end up not making our happiness a priority. This is bad. You have to live with you for the rest of you life, no? Why would you want to live that life unhappy? Why would you choose to give into resistance and allow your happiness to fall off of your priority list?

As my good friend Angela says, "STOP IT!"

Seriously. Stop. It.

If you spent even just 10 minutes a day, carefully and mindfully tending to your own needs, be they quiet time (meditation, yoga, a walk), reading something inspiring, drinking a cup of something fantastic and slowly savoring every sip, writing in a gratitude journal whatever is going to wake up that sparkle in your heart... those 10 minutes can transform your day. If you do this regularly, think of what an impact that can have on your life.

If you are working hard, and constantly pouring yourself into that work, and into others, you MUST... MUST find, and make the time to fill up your cup. This is key to avoid experiencing burnout. I can tell you from experience. I am a work horse. I will just keep going and going. BUT, if I'm not taking time for self care, or for gratitude, I turn into a grumpy gus and I'm no fun to be around. No one wants to play with the grumpy kid on the playground. And rightly so!

Who wants to hang around someone that is just seeping negativity? Yeah, not me! And I'm sure not you either.

So, how we remedy burnout, and a case of the negs is Self care. Gratitude. Filling up your cup. We tell people all the time to take care of themselves, and we need to start looking in the mirror when we say these things. Literally. Mirror work is awesome.

I use this quiet time in many ways, and I will share one of the tools I use with you. This is my Self Care Journal. It asks me all the right questions and puts my heart and brain in the right place. It really gives me that check in with myself, to see if I'm actively taking care of me.


This Self Love Journal really helped me turn things around and believe in myself especially on those "grumpy gus" days. Sometimes getting things down on paper, and turing it around, finding the silver lining in our stuckness can be super invigorating!


You DESERVE to live a happier and more joyful life, and taking the time (as much as you can squeeze in) to get yourself into a more positive state of mind, is critical to getting there. Stop wasting time thinking about "I would be so much happier if..." you can choose to be happier right now, even for just a sliver of your day.


If you aren't sure where to start in helping yourself get to a more peaceful place and a happier state of mind, I would recommend starting here. It's a fun and simple way to put a bit more smile in your style.

And of course, there are oils that you can utilize to help promote a positive and uplifting mood!

I love love LOVE Wild Orange for this!


Not only is Wild Orange uplifting to the mind and body, but you can also use it in these ways:

• Powerful cleanser and purifying agent

• Protects against seasonal and environmental threats

• High in antioxidants


AND you have the added benefit of a joyful disposition when you are using it. Whoop whoop!