Roman Chamomile

In ancient Rome, Roman Chamomile was used to help soldiers take courage during times of war. Since then, Roman Chamomile essential oil has become popular for its sweet, soothing nature. With a unique, floral scent and chemical components known for their soothing abilities, doTERRA Roman Chamomile essential oil is a must-have for any essential oil collection.

I'm a big fan of tea, as most of you know, so I'm sure you're not suprised when I say I love chamomile tea! And I'm sure you're also not surprised when I say I LOVE Roman Chamomile essential oil! Nope. No surprises there! Haha! And YOU will love the delicate and decadent aroma of this beautiful oil!

Diffusing Roman Chamomile essential oil not only soothes the mind, but it can help soothe anger and irritability on those days when you are feeling agitated or find yourself in the middle of a contentious situation. When you feel angry or irritable, diffuse Roman Chamomile essential oil in your diffuser of choice, and allow the calming, floral tones to wash over you. If you don’t have time to diffuse the oil while you wait to calm down, you can also place one to two drops of the oil in your hands, rub them together, and inhale slowly for 30 seconds. This will allow you to harness the calming power of Roman Chamomile essential oil while you deal with frustrating or irritating situations.

On an emotional level, Roman Chamomile "supports and individual in discovering and living their true life purpose. Regardless of what they do for a living, Roman Chamomile helps them find purpose and meaning in their lives." -Emotions & Essential Oils. Sounds lovely right? Take a look at these great ways you can use Roman Chamomile.

One of the things I like to do with Roman Chamomile, is that I make a cup of hot water on the stove in my teapot. Then I like to add a drop of Roman Chamomile to a spoonful of raw honey and stir it into a cup of hot water, to drink before bedtime! This is a great way to help support and prepare your body for a restful night's sleep.