Rich Babe

Holy sh*t, I am so excited to announce this/share this with you!! If you are struggling with money right now, THEN YOU NEED TO READ THIS. You are coming across this post for a reason. The Universe brought you here for a purpose. My girl, Kathrin Zenkina, is launching her signature group coaching program Rich Babe for its second round starting super soon.

This program has been SO life changing for so many women who are ready to shift their limiting money story, drop their financial struggle, and manifest money like it’s their job (because, it is).

In the first round of the program:

  • 1 woman received a random refund in the mail for over $3k by week 4
  • 1 woman received a random check in the mail for over $1.5k by week 4
  • 1 woman received over $10k by the 4th week of the program
  • 1 woman received a random refund of over $600 from a medical bill that got lost in the mail THREE YEARS AGO by the 5th week
  • 1 woman was notified by her boss that she would be making $7.5k more this year due to an unexpected raise she received by week 5 of the program
  • 1 woman received an unexpected refund for almost $300 by the end of the 1st week
  • All women agreed that their lives have been forever transformed by the program

Rich Babe is the exact process that Kathrin created based on her own money mindset mastery journey where she went from $25,000 in debt earning just $400 per week… to (today) being financially free and manifesting $20k+ months in her business with EASE.

And this is just in a total of 18 months. 18 MONTHS, you guys!

She will break down everything it takes to receive an incredible shift like this in just 6 weeks.

If you’re ready to:

  • Let go of the money beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Open up the flow to your abundance in a MASSIVE way
  • Increase your earning capacity and confidence around earning money
  • Turn making money into one big game that you play, and actually WIN at
  • Manifest money from expected and unexpected sources on the regular
  • Stop living in debt, lack, and anxious energy when it comes to money

Then this program is going to change everything for you.

Rich Babe starts November 25th, and spots are super limited. Kathrin only takes on a certain amount of women so that she can focus her full attention on helping you shift YOUR money story.


To enroll into the program >> Click here

And if you’re unsure… learn more about Kathrin here >> Kathrin's Freebie Library

P.S. There is a $400 discount for people who purchase between now and October 22nd! Jump on it ASAP!

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