Race for Open Space

Ahhh the sun rise! 11019548_10206599474608334_3646338229576612233_n

Such a beautiful way to start the day! A 13.1 mile trail race in Denver, Colorado. Fresh Air, outdoorsy peoples, and a great friend... Yes I would say that is a FANTASTIC way to start the day! We actually ran on trails through this terrain, and there was a small portion that had a sidewalk/paved path as well.


This morning I ran a half marathon with my friend Danielle! It was so awesome and I beat my PR with this race. The last mile I pretty much had to walk... I was slightly bummed because we had such a great run/walk pace! I had to walk because my legs were pretty much freezing up and I wanted to make sure I could still walk the next day! haha Has that ever happened to you?


My very first Half Marathon was the Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland in 2014 and it was SO much fun. I can't wait to do it again!


I have a love hate relationship with running. I love to hate it haha! Danielle looks so majestic and I look like a shiny tomato! At least I'm a happy tomato! I also had a running belt with some oils in it to help promote better breathing and support minor discomforts! I was carrying Breathe, Peppermint, and some Deep Blue Rub samples for easy application. Man oh MAN am I glad that I had those oils on me!


We finished in 2:44! And I won 4 tickets to the Denver zoo... For my costume!


Here is the mermaid costume that won me those Zoo tickets! haha


So how about you? Do you like to run? Er... do you like to get bling? Have you done any 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon races? Tell me about your experience!