Quick Intro to Oils

Essential Oil: 101...  Essential Oils can be used to promote health and well-being in so many wonderful ways! You can utilize them through topical application, aromatic diffusion and (provided you are using the best of the best) taken internally. This quick post is going to cover some of your frequently asked questions, like: What are essential oils? How do I use them? Why doTERRA? and so forth. There is so much more information I can give you, and throw at you on this, but I want to keep it brief, so that you can get the basics down. And with that, here is your handy dandy infographic:

My family and I use doTERRA Essential Oils, and they we are sourced from their indigenous lands around the world, where they are highest in therapeutic properties. They actually contain a higher level of therapeutic constituents. We only use pure essential oils that are approved for internal use, since what you put on your body goes into your body! The essential oil market isn't regulated at all. Oils can claim to be anything, but are typically cut or synthesized. And the perfume industry standards usually include toxins that you want to avoid!!!

The testing standards doTERRA upholds and uses... include numerous tests that are needed to determine the quality and purity of an essential oil. The length and even the quality of the machine doing the testing all matter. It is a complex process, as synthetics can be really well done, but your body can definitely tell the difference! It takes a ton of plant material to produce a pure, unadulterated oil. If it is cheap, you are likely not getting a pure product. The cost of an oil reflects how much raw material it takes to make that essential oil, if it is truly pure.

doTERRA also pays it's farmers and workers a very fair wage and that is something we can be proud of! Pure Essential oils will make a difference on every level, in your body, in your mind, in your heart, and especially in the hearts and communities that source and grow these amazing gifts. if you are looking to get these beautiful oils in your home today, click here.