Placements: A how-to Guide

Placements! Oh my goodness! How often do we rack our brains over placements!? We have 14 days to place our new enrollee... and we feel like a deer in the headlights when we are looking at our back office! Fear no more! Today we are talking Placements and we are going to identify how people are will be interacting with doTERRA, when we ask them good questions!

One of the first tip-offs when it comes to placements is if the person you are moving has already indicated whether or not they will be ordering regularly on Loyalty Rewards. If they are a Wholesale Customer, you'd likely not want to place them below your third level, so that they can qualify you for your Power of 3 Bonus. If they are a Wellness Advocate, they have pretty much already indicated they have an interest in creating an income, so the questions below, are more likely suited for your Wholesale Customer.

Questions you can consider proposing to new enrollees:

  • Can you please rate your interest on a scale of 1-10 in using the products?
  • Can you please rate your interest on a scale of 1-10 in sharing doTERRA products?
  • Can you please rate your interest on a scale of 1-10 in teaching others about doTERRA products?
  • What do you see doTERRA giving you in the future?
  • Where do you see yourself in doTERRA?

Ask the kind of questions that are going to give you more insight into the person you are connecting with, so you can place them accordingly, and because YOU are their enroller, it doesn't matter where they end up... YOU should always be their PRIMARY support person. They will be supported regardless of where you place them, or how they decide to participate!

Here is a chart to give you a better idea of what to consider when placing people. In my community, we recommend as such:

Support every enrollee reach their wellness goals with their doTERRA products. Supporting their success during the first 90 days can create a lifetime customer, which can also lead to someone who regularly will host classes or even become a business builder.

You can do this! Placements don't need to be difficult. More often than not, I have looked at my tree so much, that I instantly know where I want to put someone the minute they show up under Sponsor Changes in my back office. Get your Power of 3 lined up first before anything else, and rock it from there, but helping others hit their bonuses too! You got this!