New Moon: Pisces

Pisces New Moon vibes today… and I’m ready to dive deep into this cycle.

“Your intuition is the most honest friend that you will ever have.” ―Doe Zantamata⠀

Maybe our emotions are running a little high, and we are feeling things a bit deeper... that's ok! Just know that you don't need to know all the answers to all the things. Take this time to really follow your intuition, and dive deep into what that really feels like, and means for you.

New Moon must haves for me in this cycle:⠀

And here is an essential oil blend you can add to your diffuser or make a roller bottle/spray to enjoy the energy this moon offers you! Enjoy!⠀

Pisces New Moon Diffuser Blend.png

Give yourself some time and space to be creative (think art, journal, crafts, etc.) and allow yourself some time to breathe. This is a space for you to heal.⠀

Dalea FaulknerComment