Organizing for Success

Planners. So often I get asked by team members about what planner I am using, and how do I stay organized. To be brutally honest, this changes and grows with me as my business grows. I was using a smaller planner last year, but I found that as my business grew, I needed more space for my activities and events in my life. I am hopeful that the next version of her planner has more room for this! Currently I am using the Create 365 Me and My Big Ideas, Happy Planner to keep my business, personal life, and family life organized.

I am a paper planner kind of person, and it is because when I write things down, it gives me an empowered feeling and also means I am committed to it. I like writing in Sharpie whenever possible as well, so that I am creating a seriously permanent commitment. Now, sometimes things change, but if I plan for changes and distractions in my schedule, then that is ok. And we should absolutely do that. I also flipping love stickers... and these have everything I need as a busy mama.

The important message here is that, if you aren't planning out your week, month, even your year, then things can fall through the cracks. Important phone calls, meetings, or events can disappear into the abyss, never to be seen again. If you are a digital kind of person, add it to your phone or whatever digital planner you are using. If you are a paper person, write it down.

Plan in the days you have classes, the days you are available to strategize with others, the days you do your membership overviews, etc. The only way to keep your business flowing and growing is to stay organized and to plan it out.

Creating space for your business, especially if you are working another job right now, is critical. You can't expect to grow your business part time if you only dedicate 2 hours to it every week, especially if those 2 hours aren't spent efficiently on activities that ACTUALLY grow your business. If you only have a few finite hours to spend on this business, make them count. Teaching Classes, membership overviews & business overviews will actively build and grow your business.

Plan it into your schedule. Make time for your business. Plan in your income creating activities that are going to move you forward and help you create the residual income you deserve.