Ode to the Piano: Poetry Series

Ode to the Piano

What is it about pianos

That make them so romantic?

Is it the mixture of black and white keys

that are so visually pleasing to the eye?

Is it the melodic tunes that are created

When pairing those keys together

Or the emotional carthage that comes

From the deeper and darker notes?

What is it?

Is it the way that candlelight falls on those keys

When composers of old worked late into the night?

Is it the twinge that comes when the piano needs tuned?

Or is it simply the mystery of it all?

The songs that have yet to be written...

The melodies still unmade

And the keys untouched?

Dalea Faulkner

Dalea Faulkner is a Gold Leader in doTERRA, has been using essential oils for 31 years, and has branded herself as “That Crazy Oil Lady”. Growing up with all things herbal and natural from her Mother’s european upbringing, Dalea naturally connected with doTERRA and found it to be incredibly fulfilling to help and support others in this way. She feels that "Essential Oils are nature’s gift to us, to support us in our journeys as we walk through this beautiful life.”

In addition to growing and supporting her doTERRA community, Dalea loves to spend time with her Husband Brien, Son Daen, and Golden Retriever Cooper. Her family relies on the emotional and physical benefits of essential oils to support them when, well, life happens! It is her soul mission, in this big, beautiful, life to bring healing to the hearts of the world and create positive change on a global level.

In the near future, Dalea would like to create a non-profit organization that supports service members transitioning to civilian life and provide them with much needed care. She dreams of people all over this world, waking with the same joy in knowing, that they have these empowering, natural solutions at their fingertips, on a daily basis.⠀