Moving day is almost here!

So we are hoping to hit the ground running on March 5th! Brien has been working in Aurora since February 16th and comes home Friday the 27th. We planned a fun little going away party on March 1st and I’m looking forward to it.

After nearly 2 painstaking weeks of house hunting in a market built for great white sharks, we have decided to take our time in finding a house, and rent a snazzy apartment until then.

In between all the house hunting, face time, packing and phone calls, the stress of trying to find a place we live in such a short period of time just became too much.

Brien is checking out a couple places tomorrow and hopefully we will pin one down so that we can just move right in when we get there!

I’m really excited to finally be out there. It feels great after we have waited so darn long!

Colorado here we Come!