Money: Spells & Magic Series

Money spell? Yes!

I’m all about the woo, whimsy, and love a little bit of magic in my life! Recently I crafted a beautiful blend of herbs and oils to attract even more of the green stuff into my life, and let me tell you… it WORKS!

“Wherever focus goes, energy flows. —Tony Robbins”

When we set our intentions and focus on things in our life, they grow and expand. It’s important that we focus on the things we actually want to grow and expand. Why would you want the not so great things in your life to grow? Right? Right.

I’m really excited to share this spell/blend/mix with you because it brings even more abundance than you can imagine! When I first started using it, I actually won three different giveaways on Instagram… and then a HUGE opportunity presented itself to me, which brought me even more financial abundance! If that doesn’t get you excited… then I don’t know what will!

My suggestion when you are putting this together is to really call upon the intentions of abundance and monetary blessing, with each ingredient as you add it. I also found a really beautiful verbal intention spell that you can absolutely use when you are applying the blend to your body.

Money Spell



  • Periwinkle

  • Chamomile

  • Gardenia Bud

  • High John

  • Mandrake

  • Patchouli Bark

  • Rose Petals

Essential Oils


  • Double terminated Quartz


  • Glass Vial or Roller Bottle


Money, Money, come to Me

In abundance, three times three

May I be enriched in the best of ways

Harming none on it’s way

This I accept, so mote it be

Bring me Money three times three

Add all ingredients to your glass vial or roller bottle, calling on those intentions of abundance and monetary blessings from each item. Recite the spell to seal your intentions. Apply your magic elixir often, and repeat words or mentally recite them.

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