Matcha for Wellness


Did you know that in Japanese "cha" means green tea, and "ma" means powder, thus matcha translates literally as "powdered green tea". Sometimes it's the simple things in Life. Preparation and consumption of matcha entered mainstream culture through the Zen Buddhists, who were very aware of its meditational benefits, which brought them a greater sense of clarity and well-being and I'm so excited to share my favorite Matcha with you!

I'm super obsessed with Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Matcha! And no... it doesn't taste like mushrooms! What's unique about Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha?

  • It has 1 gram of dual extracted Lion's Mane per serving

  • It's organic, ceremonial grade matcha

  • There's 250mg of organic ginger per serving

  • You can make it hot, cold or even mix it in your ice cream!

In addition to the brain health, memory, and creative benefits associated with both matcha and Lion's Mane, they've included the powerful adaptogen astragalus to protect your body from stress, and a hint of ginger to improve digestion and flavor.

Matcha tea's vibrant green color comes from chlorophyll, nature's best detoxifier that helps to cleanse our bodies at molecular levels by increasing our blood's ability to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to our cells. I'll definitely drink to that!

If you're looking to curb your daily coffee intake, matcha is a superb choice for the morning or afternoon. While matcha contains caffeine, it also contains L-theanine, a relaxing amino acid, resulting in a feeling of balanced energy for your whole body. There aren't many drinks out there that can make you feel energetic, calm, and focused all at the same time but Mushroom Matcha is pretty much, everyday magic.

Grab some Mushroom Matcha!

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