A love letter to Moms

Dear Beautiful Mama,

You are doing an amazing job. I needed to tell you this today, because it's likely that no one else has praised you for everything that you do. In fact, someone has probably already made you question yourself, or make you feel less than... in some way about how you are mothering your children. Please don't let these voices plague your mind. Judgmental looks, snarky comments, backwards compliments... I know that they happen to you all too often, and I'm begging you to not let these tiny lenses through which others are viewing your life to become your own.

Don't beat yourself up if the last chore on your list didn't happen. If you didn't get to make it out on that walk today with the kids, it's ok. Give yourself grace, and permission to be perfectly imperfect at this motherhood thing. It's ok if you do things differently than your bestie. It's ok if you do things exactly the way your mama did when you were growing up. It's totally ok to scrap all the half handed and unsolicited advice you hear, and do what feels right in your gut.

Beautiful mama, you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. You work so hard. You are making a difference in this world in everything that you touch, in all areas of your life. Remember how wonderful you are, every time you look in the mirror, and see a strong, confident, and loving woman looking back at you. Your strength comes from your heart, and all that you are giving to others. I ask that you give this gift of strength, love and compassion to yourself.

You are so loved. You are so worthy. You are so important.

You are a mother, and I love you.