Call me crazy, (oh wait... you already do) but Lime Essential Oil has GOT to be one of the best things that has ever happened in the history of everness. I mean it! The aroma of Lime is just absolutely unbelievable! There's a sharp tanginess, and a smooth-sweet denoument. This zesty oil is a must, especially if you love the uplifint energies that citrus oils bring to the table.

I love adding equal parts Lime and Lavender to my diffuser. I can't really describe how awesome it is, other that you ABSOLUTELY have to try it!

doTERRA essential oils are safe to consume internally, which means... YUM! Your tastebuds are going to thank you. You can add lime to your water to help cleanse the body, or one of my personal favorites, add a drop or two to your home made guacamole! DEEEEE-lish!

Recently, I was teaching a class at a teammate's home and she wanted to create some tasty essential oil goodies for her guests! I went over early to help her with anything that I could, and one of the recipes she wanted to make was LIMEADE! Oh my GOSH this was so delicious. I just had to share the recipe with you so that you can create this for yourself!

I really think this is the perfect drink to make, especially for the summer time when you want to feel refreshed and make it yourself!


essential oil lasagna-2


-In a small sauce pan, stir the lime juice in with the sugar, over medium heat and bring to a simmer.

-Lower the heat and cook (frequently stirring) until the sugar is completely dissolved.

-Remove from heat and pour into a glass dish.

-Add food grade LIME essential oil. Cover, refrigerate until chilled.

*Optional, add some frozen raspberries to your glass pitcher or drinking glass

-Mix approx. 2 tsp of your limeade concentrate with 8oz of chilled sparkling water in a glass cup.

-Taste and add more water if you like a lighter flavor.

-Serve with ice

So tell me! What do you think? Are you going to try out this recipe? I can't wait to hear what you think! We love doTERRA and purchasing our oils and wellness products at wholesale prices! To grab you own oils at wholesale cost, just click here!