Lavender Spotlight

Lavender oil is one of the most popular doTERRA essential oils because of its light, powdery aroma, and its myriad of uses for everyday life. Taken from the highly aromatic lavender flower, lavender oil has been used for centuries for its distinct aroma and powerful benefits. Whether you need to soothe the occasional skin irritation, ease feelings of tension, or promote restful sleep, lavender oil has many practical uses. Lavender is one of our favorites because the floral scent helps my whole family relax which makes me happy, and it helps my eye lashes stay long and full which ALSO makes me happy! There are so many other ways to use lavender. Check out these 12 FAB ways to use Lavender:

As a naturally soothing and calming essential oil, you will find that lavender is a helpful oil to keep on hand. Want to learn how to use lavender oil? Take a look at the lavender essential oil spotlight to see the uses and benefits of lavender oil, where to buy lavender oil, and some fun lavender oil DIYs: