Income building Activities

It's no secret that many of us are building our oil businesses both online and in person. Either way, I wanted to address some of the hiccups we encounter, along with online building, and in person building. One of the most common issues many people run into at first, is doing things that they "think" are building their business. Let's dive into that.

What I mean to say here, isn't that the things you are doing for your business don't matter, just that there is a distinct difference between an income producing activity, and one that just takes up your time. For example, putting together sample packs is one of the activities that you might think is a productive use of your time, but in reality, it sucks up valuable time that you could spend in front of someone with your own bottles, and have them sample that way. Don't get huffy with me on this one, I promise that there is a time and place for putting together samples for people, but it's not the most productive way to utilize the time you want to spend building your business.

A big time-suck for online building, is Facebook. I said it. Facebook is an incredible tool, but if you're not careful, you'll end up getting swept away in your newsfeed, and lo and behold an hour has gone by... and you've forgotten what you wanted to do in the first place. One of the most important pieces of advice I can share in regards to building your doTERRA Business is to set up an admin hour one day of the week. This specific time is set aside to do online scheduling, following up with social media, answering emails, and creating new content. What this does is it helps you to NOT spend a bazillion hours on Facebook getting lost in the endless newsfeed of nonsense, and provides focused time for you to get done what needs to get done. You can have a successful online biz without spending your life online! If one hour isn't enough to get it all done, then set aside two... but realize the work you need to do vs want to do too! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about Social Media and how to share so that you don't alienate your followers.

So, we have these problems that sidetrack our business, or have us doing piddly things... what can we do to stay on track with our Income building Activities? I'm going to share some awesome content from page 6 and 7 of the Share Success Launch Guide. If you haven't seen it, there will likely be a new version of it available in September, but it is currently available from Oil Life.

dōTERRA is a relationship business that is grown by consistently engaging in 5 pipeline-building activities (PIPES). Learn each of these actions to build a productive business. The more you put into your pipeline, the more you get out. To get greater results, turn up the flow. You will find that your Income building Activities are in the "IPE" portion of PIPES.

Prepare Invite Present Enroll Support Prepare

• Set goals, plan, strategize

• Do daily personal development

• Attend team calls & monthly trainings

• Receive regular mentoring


• Expose prospects to product/ opportunity (i.e. sample, story, conf. call, video, social media post)

• Invite to learn more (i.e. class, one-on-one, event, webinar, call)

• Remind guests to attend


• Present the products or opportunity via one-on-ones, classes, webinars, and calls (in person or online), or attend an event with guests


• Enroll new Wellness Advocates

• Enroll in LRP (Wellness Consults)

• Commit to share & host a class

• Commit to build


• Launch new builders

• Support events (teach, attend, etc.)

• Train

• Mentor builders

• Nurture relationships

• Recognize success

Success is scheduled! Create a space in your schedule to do 5 PIPES a day. This is a numbers game.The more people you effectively share with, the more lives you’ll change, and the more results you will achieve! If you do 5+ PIPES a day, you’ll have the flow you need to create success and grow yourself in the process. Accountability is key to your success. Track your PIPES activities on your calendar, then tally your weekly total, and transfer to your Success Check-in. This is part of your accountability process used during your mentoring session with your mentor.

There you have it! It's pretty simple when you really look at it, and I hope this helps you identify the time you are spending and the areas of your business you're currently focusing on. Let me know if you have any questions!