Identifying your Builders

Builders. It's so elusive in the beginning. Trying to figure out who you are as a wellness advocate, how you want to show up for your team, striving to break through to the leadership ranks... it is definitely not for the weak. But you are here, and you are reading this, so clearly that is not you.

I have found that there is a bit of a cycle with builders, and this cycle takes your builder down one of two paths. Let's talk about the cycle first. When it comes to this business, we are going to have people on our teams that have had experience in network marketing, and people that don't have experience with it. Regardless of which, you will see a theme of "wanting to learn more" and a sort of 'get my duckies in a row" mindset appear. What I mean here is the idea of, "oh I can't do this until I have done or read this"... etc. You have seen this before, yes? I know I have, and I have definitely seen it in the mirror... even with 11 years in the network marketing industry.

You will see your leaders struggle with their identity, and how they show up for their teams. They may lose themselves in the search to find themselves. This is ok, but is the most critical part for you as a leader and mentor, because you need to show up to serve them, regardless of their outcome. This is also the point where they come to the crossroads, and decide if they are going to uplevel their game and walk with you, or take the other path that may lead them elsewhere. It may be emotional, and that is the hard part. Since it is our goal to build and develop such strong and powerful relationships with every member of our team, should you have to say goodbye to someone you thought was walking with you, try to remember that you went all in and gave them everything you had in you.

So how do we identify who is going to walk with us? It is actually much simpler than you may think. The first step in identifying your builders, is actually creating a list.

I love lists. I really do. The kind of list you would want to create is a list of qualities you are looking for in your "perfect" leader. Now, understand that not everyone on your leadership team is going to have all of these qualities, and that is to be expected. What this list is going to do is give you a bit of insight as to the areas that you think you would be able to support your leaders (qualities they haven't honed in yet) and also the areas where you know you don't need to support them (qualities they already possess.) Once you know how to show up for them, the rest gets simpler.

Here are some examples of the qualities I look for in leaders on my team:

-teachable -motivated -follows through (keeps their word) -attends corporate events etc. 

My list is very long, but it has helped me to hone my own skills so that I can help others. I was able to see where I was slacking in my own qualities, and work on those specifically. Are you still with me on this?

I think as leaders we tend to over complicate things too. We tend to forget that WE are in charge of our own businesses, and we have the power to move forward, and we also have the power to stay stuck. We can stay stuck in so many ways. I stayed stuck at Premier for over a year because my mindset was focused on "me". As soon as I shifted that to be all about my team and meeting their needs, we rank advanced to Silver. Little things like that, like a mindset shift can make all the difference for your builders, but you have to witness it so that you know how to help.

Another method in finding your builders is to build yourself to Silver (which is 3 Elite legs) and then having a crucial conversation with each of those Elites. I happen to know a few successful Diamond and above leaders that utilized this approach successfully. You would build three of your customers that order 100PV or more on LRP monthly, up to Elite. When you have that crucial conversation with one of these Elite legs, it may look something like this:

"Hey Jim, I wanted to reach out to you. You know that my oil business is my passion and what helps support my family. I'm sure you have noticed some changes in your back office lately, and that is because I wanted to secure a level of stability for me and my family with this business. I am inviting you to become my business partner so that we can grow an income for you as well. Are you open to working more closely with me and creating an income with doTERRA?"

In this situation, your business is already stable and solid Silver since you have created the structure and are supporting the people you have personally enrolled. So, what if they say "YES! I want to build with you!"? Then you celebrate and connect with them, and support them in the areas where they need you to.

What if they say no?

No harm no foul here. Your business is already stable, and you can create another Elite leg. Now we all know the story of hauling buckets, from the Business Overview, and this is definitely hauling buckets while creating your pipeline.

Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it going to take time? Yes. Do you want it bad enough? If the answer is yes and you feel like this would propel your business forward, then go for it! You can also structure yourself for your power of 3 bonus this way, to give you a nice buffer with your commissions.

So what else can we do to identify our builders? We can ask! Asking the three questions that are at the end of the business overview are a great way to identify where someone's level of commitment is.

We can also ask them to fill out the boxed "start here" section on the fast track planner. You can rest assured that if they complete this section on their own accord, you have a builder. You may still have a builder even if it takes them months to do it, but it sort of indicates how much they want this. Make sense?

No matter what, at the end of the day, your business is just that, YOUR business, and it is up to YOU to move it forward. Not your upline, not your downline, it's up to you. Maybe it sounds harsh, depending on your current mindset, but I feel that it is empowering.

It is empowering to know that no one is going to hold your business hostage. It is empowering to know that you can create whatever it is that you set out to do, if you're willing to do the work. It is empowering to know that you are in the driver's seat of your doTERRA business.

So buckle up, rev that engine, and hit the gas. I can't wait to see where you take off to!