Motivating your Leaders

Why? Why are your teammates choosing to build a business with doTERRA? If you don't know the answer to this, it is time to get to work. The only way to motivate your team, is to know WHY they are doing this in the first place. Are they sick of working for the "man"? Are they ready to retire a loved one? Are they ready to stay home to be with their children? Are they wanting to create a safety house for women in their community? There are a plethora of reasons why people do this business. It is important to know, that we all have 2 "whys".


The noble why is much like the ones I have listed above. This is the why that is really easy to pull out of someone, and may very well be the why that they share about all the time. Maybe you already know this why. There is nothing wrong with the noble why, and it is a very important contributing factor in the success of their business. You can absolutely utilize the noble why to help motivate your leaders. Remind them about how they can get closer to reaching that goal, and put that dream into action with "this" many more classes this month. This may very well help get them in the mindset where they can do what they need to do to get where they want to be. BUT, it isn't always enough. The noble why... is well, incomplete. It is incomplete because it cannot be fulfilled without #2...


The selfish why is harder to extract. This is why it is so important to facilitate a connection and foster a relationship with the leaders on your team. If they feel like you are going to judge them, or that you aren't emotionally available to hear them, it's likely that they won't share their selfish why with you. A selfish why looks something like this: I want to have $500,000 in my bank account. I want to prove that I can be successful in network marketing. I want to do something BIG. I want to show the people in high school that I made something of myself. I want to spoil myself and my family. I want to buy myself a car/house/diamond necklace etc. Are you following this?

Can you see how the selfish why is just as, if not MORE importantthan our good friend the noble why? If you can help your leaders figure out both... you have a powerful motivator for them. You are now an ally in their personal mission. You can guide them back to the path of their dreams when they veer off course, and they will SEE that, when you remind them of their vision.Remember, your own WHY is a way to motivate your team, but it is not the strongest or most powerful way to help them move forward. Know their goals. Know their dreams. Know what rank they want to hit, and help create a plan for them to get there. Even better, once they do reach that rank, or goal, or dream, YOU will know exactly how much it means for them, because you know WHY.