Confession Series: Homeschool

I made a promise to my boy, long ago that I would always support his wishes and dreams. Up to this point, he has been fully homeschooled and has been doing so well! Lately, Daen has really expressed an interest in going to school, so I started researching and asking around. Fortunately the other mamas on the baseball team had amazing things to say about the Charter school that their kiddos go to. So...

I'm filling out the enrollment application and praying like crazy that there is a spot for my little Daennykins at this school. Not only is it exactly the kind of school I have been looking for, but it also has violin which is a tradition of sorts in my family. My great grandfather on my mother's side of the family, actually used to build and play violin. My younger cousin also plays and is absolutely wonderful! Daen is excited to try it and I'm looking forward to seeing him shine.

My fingers are crossed and I'm really hoping that this works out for us! I would so appreciate your positive thoughts, love and energy in this! I will keep you posted!⠀