How to get butts in Seats at Classes

Classes. Love em. Hate em. Doesn't matter, as they are vital and necessary for growing your essential oil business. We all know we need to hold them, have others host for us, and to teach them... but are we well versed in inviting to classes?

Let me ask you this, have you ever been added to a group on Facebook by someone, without having been asked first? *Raises hand* Yeah, me too. It's not a very enjoyable experience. More often than not, people feel that sending Facebook invitations is completely sufficient, or adding them to a group unknowingly. Let me tell you...

It. Doesn't. Work.

So what can we do? Most people live on their phones or computers and the digital age is where everything is at, right? This may be true, but I can tell you right now, Personal invitations go a long way. Whether it is on paper, snail-mail, text, or Facebook messenger, people want to know you are still a person, and that you genuinely want to have them there.

They want to know you have something special, JUST for them, that is going to be beneficial in them coming. This can be what you have already talked about specifically. Maybe you had discussed respiratory support, and you know that you will be covering that topic in your upcoming class. Let them know! Create a general template for your invitation, and then cater it specifically to the needs of every individual you are reaching out to. It may take extra time, but THAT is EXACTLY what is going to set you apart from other wellness advocates. That YOU took the personal time to think of them and THEIR needs. If they can't make it, invite them to host a class for you, or to a one on one where you can cover their personal needs over coffee. The most important thing, is to get together with them no matter what. You are, after all looking to serve them and support them with these oils. Not being able to make it to you class shouldn't deter you from setting up a special get together with them to help them.

The only way you will get their booty planted in any sort of seat, is by personally inviting them, validating their concerns and meeting their needs. It really is simple. Sometimes we overthink things (I know I sure do!) and it sends us off on strange tangents or down roads that aren't going to see us or our businesses. There is beauty in simplicity. Another great example of this is designating specific days of the week when you will be teaching classes. These are the days you will ask people to host a class for you, the days when you will teach in your own home, or somewhere else (coffee shop, park, restaurant, etc). HOWEVER, you do NOT want to disclose to your potential customers that you teach on Tuesdays every week. This gives them permission to skip out on you, and you do not want to create this kind of environment.

The best way to share about your classes, is every week. Make up a digital flier that you can print, and also send out digitally to your people. I like to give them 2 options, I have Wednesday at 6:30pm and Friday at 7pm, which day works best for you to host? Don't limit your hosts to customers only either. Offer these dates up to your teammates, and invite your customers to them. The key is to have some variety in there, and it also offers up the chance for your leaders to practice their teaching skills when they are ready to step up to the plate.

All in all, it really is simple, and ALL about the invitation. Make it personal. Make it about them. Make it genuine. You will get butts in seats one way or another. Stay persistent, and stay YOU. Remember, people don't buy products, they buy YOU.