Where have I been?! I know, I know, I admit it. I've let you down. Last month I barely shared anything new and I'm SUPER duper sorry for that. I don't have any fancy excuses for you, just reality.

I WILL tell you all the exciting things that happened last month though! I was able to attend this amazing LEADERSHIP event and learn so many more incredible things about essential oils, and the company that I have partnered with. My hubby went with me, so it was super nice. A little 2 day getaway for us and we were able to grow even closer than before. Hard to imagine, but let me tell ya, these oils do amazing things!

This month is going to be CA-RAY-ZY for my little family. The property in the White Mountains of Arizona is about ready for us to move in to, so pretty much any day we are going to be picking up and leaving. Not on a Jet plane, but in our Subaru. (I call it "the Subi")

Lately I have really been drawn to Wild Orange, and loving the fresh uplifting aroma it brings about. I like to diffuse it when I'm working out. Speaking of working out, I am doing PIIT28 this month! Have you tried it yet? OH MY GOSH I feel so amazing after these workouts and it is only 28 minutes and 40 seconds out of my day. I totally have time for that! You can check out PIIT28 here! It's never too late to start! AND if you are really wanting to shift to a healthier way of eating, Cassey Ho of Blogilates has also created the 28 Day Reset, filled with tons of yummy recipes to support your body

I feel like I am rambling today, but I feel like there is SO much to share and catch up on. Ultimately, I just wanted you all to know that I am STILL HERE and still have some awesome recipes and oily information to share with you. It's a small consolation prize, but here is one of my favorite chocolatey recipes!


More awesomeness coming your way! Promise!