Fairy-Tale: Poetry Series


Trit-trot, arrived him on a horse

with hair as white as snow,

Reigns pulled, he stopped in front of me

and asked Where shall I go?

Fine Prince, I say with deep respect

it is so very clear, 

Sweet Prince, I say most giddily 

You must dismount right here.

Whyfore, young maid, he said to me

must I get off my horse?

Because Dear Prince, I answered him

Your true love's here in Flor'nce.

Tis True?! the Prince exclaimed to me,

joy brimming in his eyes, 

So it is, Dear Prince,  I smiled

though much to his surprise.

Please come with me,  I said to him

I'll bring you home to her.

Most excellent! did he reply

and I saw his heart did stir.

We are here now, Sir, Your Majesty, 

to him residence unknown,

And where's my love?  he asked,

Sweet Prince, please welcome to my home.

I shut the door and turned to him

with fire in my eyes,

Oh Prince, you fool! How could 

you not have seen through my disguise!

Dalea FaulknerComment