Eucalyptus. I'm sure many of you have encountered it before! The first time I really learned about Eucalyptus trees was in grade school, while I was studying Koalas for my animal report. Luckily, I grew up in an area where these trees were plentiful, and let me tell you, after a good rainfall, the aroma is incredible. However, Eucalyptus essential oil, is a whole different story! I don't know what I would do without this beautiful oil in my life. Not only is it refreshing and invigorating, but it helps support the respiratory system and you can also use it in combination with other oils to create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.

Take a look at some of the ways you can use Eucalyptus:

• Assists with clear breathing

• Supports overall respiratory health

• Soothes tired, sore muscles

• Purifies and cleanses

• Helps to lessen stress

• Promotes oral health

• Supports healthy immune system function

One of my favorite combinations to use in conjunction with Eucalytptus is Lavender. With equal parts of each, it's like being in a day spa. Here are a few examples on how to use this blend!


Relaxing Salt Bath Blend

-Handful of Epsom Salt

-5 drops Eucalyptus

-5 drops Lavender


Diffuser Blend

-3 drops Eucalyptus

-3 drops Lavender


Pillow Spray

-1.7oz Glass Spray bottle


-6 drops Eucalyptus

-6 drops Lavender


Post Yoga Savasana Towelette

-Hand towel

-Bowl of warm water to soak towel in

-1 drop of Eucalyptus on the towel

-1 drop of Lavender on the towel

-Place on forehead as you lay in savasana after your practice

What do you think? Are you excited to try Eucalyptus? Let me know!