Essential Popcorn

Stop. Right. Now. This recipe is about to BLOW YOUR MIND and your tastebuds are going to be having a happy dance party in your mouth. No really, believe it!

This dish is going to be a go to for snack time, or for your next party. My only recommendation is to make a BUNCH because it is going to be gobbled up fast!

Here are the


essential oil lasagna-5


and the


-Pop popcorn kernels, and then add to a large bowl or a brown paper bag

-Mix olive oil and rosemary essential oil

-Add the oil mixture to popcorn, and then shake to coat

-Add the parmesan and salt slowly whily stirring/shaking the popcorn

*Optional, add your garlic powder

And there you have it! A quick, simple and delicious snacktime recipe that is perfect to make on the go snack bags, throw together for a movie night in your living room, or for a full blown shindig at your pad!

Here's a little bit about the benefits of Rosemary too!