Essential Oils for Tony Robbins

If you didn’t know this about me yet, I’m a huge lover of Tony Robbins. Ever since I was a child and I saw him on TV, I knew I wanted to go to his events! This year has been an incredible adventure for me as I was finally able to live out this dream! I wanted to share a bit about the essential oils I brought with me for each of the events I have attended, and plan to attend! In fact, this week I will be en route to Palm Beach, FL for Date with Destiny! I couldn’t be more thrilled! I will also make sure to update this post when I get back with more photos for you to check out!

Essential Oils for Tony Robbins

One of the most important jobs I assigned my oils to do, was to be another anchor or positive trigger to take me back to those moments where I was in “State” as Tony likes to say. Now I did bring my Top Ten basics with me, I never travel without them! But I did decide to make a blend specifically for my Tony events… and I will share that with you at the end! First let’s chat about the other basics that you’ll need for ANY Tony Robbins event!

Basics you will want to bring:

  • Bring Baby Wipes: These will be so helpful to wipe your feet off after the firewalk, instead of trying to rinse your feet in the sink.

  • Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, and any other Oils for anchoring.

  • Tissues & Makeup Wipes: for when you’re crying and you don’t want makeup everywhere.

  • Eyedrops: For teary eyes, and late nights.

  • Water bottles: You NEED to be hydrating a LOT throughout these events!

  • Comfy Gym clothes & shoes: You are going to be moving around a lot, so be comfortable and be able to stretch. No heels babe!

  • Layers of clothes: Tony keeps the room REALLY FREAKING COLD so make sure you can bundle up, and un-layer as needed.

  • Supplements: I took my Lifelong Vitality supplements every day and it kept me in a peak state!

  • Healthy Snacks: Stop in at a grocery store so you can load up on some healthy snacks and fruit!

  • A Journal: If you are a big note take like me, you will want an extra journal to write in!

  • Money for Tony Swag: Proceeds get donated to the Tony Robbins Foundation!

  • Download Lyft: Perfect for catching a ride to and from your venue! I prefer Lyft to Uber and have had amazing Lyft drivers! You get $5 in ride credit with my link!

Now let’s take an essential oil journey to UPW…

Unleash the Power Within (UPW Chicago)

Unleash the Power Within in Chicago was amazing, and is the event where you get to become a badass Firewalker! One of the things I made sure to bring with me (on the off chance I got a blister) was Correct-X. It is basically a salve with Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender to help soothe and purify skin. This multi-purpose, natural ointment helps soothe skin and keep it clean while recovering from distress. Correct-X provides a moisture barrier that helps protect while simultaneously soothing and hydrating the skin. It is a petroleum-free, preservative-free ointment, absorbs quickly and is gentle and non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

In addition to Correct-X, I brought Lavender and Frankincense with me. Both of these oils are wonderfully soothing to the skin. I actually found myself in the bathroom after the firewalk applying Lavender and Frankincense to a few of ladies that had some discomfort. They were so grateful! I am really glad I brought my oils with me!

Every day of the event, (4 days long) I used my special roller blend whenever I was having a breakthrough moment, and wanted to anchor to it aromatically. By doing this, I can now smell the aroma of that roller, and take myself back to that moment and that breakthrough.

It’s very rare that I felt drowsy or tired during the actual event, because I was SO excited and was really to play full out no-matter-what. However, if I did find myself in need of an energy boost, I pulled out my Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is naturally invigorating and awakening, so I would just add a drop into my palms, rub together, and inhale. I should add, that when you start whipping out oils to stay alert, the people around you are going to want some too, so be prepared to share! Every row I sat in was so grateful I offered them oils to use!

If you want to know some of the other ways I prepared for this event, you can take a listen to this podcast episode, where I break it all down for you!

Business Mastery (BM Las Vegas)

Business Mastery in Las Vegas was flipping incredible! If you haven’t yet attended a Tony event… make it happen! I followed my same steps as UPW but I actually anchored myself more often. I’m sure you’re curious as to why I would do more emotional anchoring at a Business event. Firstly, this event was 5 days instead of 4, but most importantly, I am very emotional connected to my business. It is so important to me that I show up for you as my best self, and serve you in the way you need and want to be served.

I used Frankincense and Balance a lot during Business Mastery. I felt like I needed the extra groundedness that comes with those oils. I also made sure to add Grapefruit essential oil to my water when I felt called. I love using citrus oils to cleanse by body throughout the day, and it also gave me a little extra boost of energy!

This event was very different from Unleash the Power Within as we broke out into large groups of about 100, and then also smaller groups of about 8-10 people. There were a large variety of speakers at Business Mastery too, and not all of them get you up on your feet every 10-15 minutes like Tony does! I used my Peppermint more at Business Mastery for alertness, but I also found myself reaching for Motivate often too! I brought the roller for simpler application but I loved how this oil made me feel. Motivate will help you unleash your creative powers and find the courage that comes from believing in yourself again! I used it quite a bit actually to help rewrite the stories I had been telling myself about my business.

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Here is one of Tony’s go to Mantras/Incantations that is perfect to use with your Breakthrough Oil Blend!

Here is one of Tony’s go to Mantras/Incantations that is perfect to use with your Breakthrough Oil Blend!

The Breakthrough Blend

Now I did tell you I was going to tell you what blend I have for these events for my super deep anchoring moments. This blend is actually from Desiree Mangandog and it is flipping amazing! In a 10 ml roller bottle, add

Once you have added all these beauties to your roller, fill it the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. You can definitely glitz it up with crystals, flowers, and any other add ins, but holy moly is this a powerfully shifting blend! I’m telling you, this blend is pure magic. I have 2 rollers full of this and I covet this blend like NO OTHER!

I can’t wait to share all about Date with Destiny with you! Stay tuned!

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