Are Essential Oils a Fad?

You see them popping up everywhere. Facebook. Instagram. Health food stores... walmart? Essential oils are not a fad, but they are definitely gaining their popularity. "The use of plant-based products has been recorded as far back as 3000 BCE with the Egyptians, who used plant extracts for a myriad of purposes. They used them for beauty treatments, food preparations, burial rituals, and in religious ceremonies. Precious plant compounds such as peppercorns, cinnamon bark, frankincense, and myrrh fed the thriving trade routes that snaked through the arid deserts of the region. The reverence that this ancient culture had for plants is evident in the botanical depictions found in hieroglyphics and other Egyptian art. Modern archaeological techniques have also allowed researchers to identify residues of aromatic gums and resins in mummified bodies and at burial sites. When analyzing the mummy of Ramses V, an ancient Egyptian ruler, the aromatic compounds of juniper, camphor, and myrrh were discovered, confirming their usage in these sacred burial rituals". (learn more history here)

Does that sound like a fad to you?

Didn't think so.

Essential Oils are gaining traction and popularity today because people are looking for more natural solutions in their home. From beautiful aroma setting the atmosphere, to getting crayons and stickers off the window... essential oils are a wonderful natural option for any daily routine. Essential oils... specifically, doTERRA essential oils, changed my life.

I've shared my oil origins, and warrior story before, so if you want to dig a little deeper and see why these oils have been such a monumental part of my life, give that post a read when you're finished.

Ultimately, Essential Oils are here to stay and they have been around for darn near forever. If you plan to get these oils in your home, and want to learn more about them, schedule a one on one video class with me so I can best meet your needs and help support your body.

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