Enrolling New People

Welcoming new Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates into your community obviously means that you need to be enrolling new people. There are a handful of things involved in this process, some of which were shared in last month's exclusive training. Today I am sharing with you the information doTERRA has put together on Perfecting your Pitch, a Daily Checklist, Following-up, and some reactivation strategies, which are all part of enrolling.

Perfecting your Pitch

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”-Benjamin Franklin

From the short snippets of time that you have with people at the supermarket to conversations you have online, as an entrepreneur you should always be ready to talk about your doTERRA business if the need arises. If you’re like most people, it’s hard to come up with the best thing to say offhand, and you usually end up saying the wrong thing instead. That’s why you need to take time to perfect how you want to talk about your business.

The concept of pitching refers to understanding what your customer or potential team member is most interested in. From there, you create a dialogue that connects with that person’s mind, heart, and gut. Usually, that person is not thinking, “Is doTERRA going to make me a lot of money?” like you might assume. Instead, the person is likely thinking, “Is doTERRA the best investment for our health I could make for me and my family?”

With that perspective in mind, know that your introduction of doTERRA (your pitch) needs to accomplish three things:

  1. It tells a clear, easy-to-repeat story.
  2. It positions doTERRA as the perfect fit for what they’re looking for with their health or income.
  3. It beats out other options they may be considering.

So, without further ado, here are some tips about how to write out and perfect your story:

  • Draft out everything you want to say. Even if you don’t end up saying everything, at least put it to paper so it’s there and you can practice it. Write both a short draft and a long draft—you will have varying amounts of time with people so it’s a good idea to have something prepared for when you only have one minute and also for longer amounts of time.
  • Have someone read over your notes and critique. Another set of eyes can help you narrow down what exactly you need to say to convey your vision in the best possible way.
  • Practice until you feel confident in what you’re saying. This may feel like over-preparation, but it really will help you nail down what to say anywhere at any time. The confidence that comes from being prepared will give you the power to be enthusiastic and excited instead of nervous, which always comes off better to any audience.

When all is said and done, our next best advice is to stay calm and ask questions. We realize that no preparation can possibly cover everything—people will ask and say things you don’t expect. Don’t allow yourself to get flustered and speak off the cuff. Instead ask clarifying questions like, “Can you explain?” or “Why do you feel that way?” This will help you direct the conversation until it’s back on track.

The Daily Checklist

Being an entrepreneur means time freedom and being your own boss, but it also means increased dedication and self-motivation. Use this short daily checklist that will help you stay on track on a day-to-day basis. Nothing you see on this list will be overly difficult to do–in fact, it may seem too simple at first. This list is meant to help you break down the task of building your business in an efficient and simple manner that won’t overwhelm you. Nothing will be more important to you in the coming weeks and months than these small actions that will lead you in the right direction towards success, however fast or slow that may be.

Following Up

Many top doTERRA leaders have said that doing follow-up is one of the simplest things you can do to help your business succeed. Yet, it’s also an easy task to let slide when you feel like you’re too busy. There are more than a few reasons why follow-up is so important, especially for the entrepreneur, the prime reason being that no one is perfect at remembering everything. People forget. As well as your class went last Wednesday, excitement fades and people will sometimes leave their oils to sit unused in a closet. Following up will help people truly incorporate the essential oils into their lives.

You also have to keep in mind that follow-up isn’t just about getting people to sign up. doTERRA is based around sharing the oils, and follow-up is just an extension of that first share with someone. Offer them more information once you find out if they have trued the oils. Make the call short but valuable for the other person. Build a relationship with them and figure out what they need. Most people fear follow-up because they don’t want to seem pushy. But, if done in the right way, a follow-up can show that you truly care about their experience. Here are some handy tips to remember when you make that call or meet with that person:

  1. Tell the person you share with that you will follow up with them later to see how their experience went. If they’re expecting to hear from you, it won’t be a surprise or an inconvenience when you call.
  2. Don’t ask yes or no questions. These types of questions tend to stop a conversation in its tracks and keep you from learning more about what the person actually needs. If it helps you, come up with some open-ended questions before the call and listen as the conversation opens up. If one question doesn’t seem to work, try a different one. (E.g. “How has using __ oil helped your family? What concerns do you have about __?)
  3. You don’t have to follow up with everyone all at once. Do what you can, a phone call here and a phone call there. Keeping these types of phone calls separate also helps you stay fresh and focus on the specific person you need to talk to instead of just focusing on getting the job done.
  4. Keep in mind that the phone is only one way to follow up. Yes, its probably the easiest way every time, but if you’re following up with anyone close by, just go over and talk to them. Some people will prefer texts over calls; make sure that you ask how they would like to be contacted when you tell them you will follow up.
  5. Keep track of your contacts and write down the date of when you first shared with them and when you followed up with them. This will help you make sure you follow up with people in a timely manner, and will help you know when would be a good time to follow up with them again if necessary.

Reactivation Strategies

If you have been building your doTERRA team for a while, you likely have some members that have simply stopped. They stopped coming to classes and meetings, and they slowly stopped ordering altogether. Meanwhile, you’re busy finding new team members and keeping your goals in mind. Sometimes you may not even know why they left. However, reactivating someone in doTERRA can be one of your more helpful strategies to help your team grow. They already liked the product at some point, and it could be a simple matter to bring them back.

Before you determine a strategy to win these people back, you need to take two steps:

Step One: Ask yourself, “Who am I trying to reactivate, and why?”

For example, you know someone hasn’t been ordering on a regular basis or that they simply have stopped keeping contact with you or your downline. But, that person could also be a key member of your team if they came back. They could help your downline to grow, or they could help you with a goal. Make it clear to yourself why they are important so that you put real effort into your reactivation campaign.

Step Two: Know why they stopped ordering or coming to classes so you can figure out how to work with them.

There could be many reasons, from a loss of interest in doTERRA because they didn’t know how to use essential oils, to concerns over cost of the product. They could have had a personal crisis and be focused elsewhere for now. You never know until you ask. To find out, you can send out a survey by email if your reactivation list is longer, or you can simply reach out to them in person and ask. Once you find out, you can then decide which of the following strategies would be best for you.

  1. Send out an email or newsletter especially for them with team updates and information about essential oils. Remind them why doTERRA is a great company to work with. This can help especially in the case of someone who just lost enthusiasm or didn’t know what to do. Make sure to have your upcoming classes listed in the email.
  2. Offer special deals when they order or come to a class. If you have the resources to do so, this can be extremely helpful. Offer a free bottle of the essential oil of your choice for an order placed before a certain date. If they were building a business, you can also offer an incentive for enrolling someone new.
  3. When you have a smaller list of people, tailor your offer to their reason for leaving specifically. If they didn’t know what to do, offer education. If they thought the product was too expensive, offer a promotion or incentive. If they had a complaint, seek to resolve it and offer your support. Personalizing your outreach could be the most effective option.

Final thoughts

I know this content may not be new to you (or maybe it is) but I couldn't find a better way to share this content. When it comes to enrolling new people, you have got to be on top of your game in these categories. It is not up to your team to build for you, it is up to YOU. So go out there, and get enrolling like a rockstar!