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I'm sending it out into the universe and sharing exactly who I would love to support, help, and work with! 

Let me introduce you to Sybil Claire Moon. Her life is colored in shades of peach, dusty rose, dainty pink, and boysenberry jam.

These images are from Pinterest. I claim no ownership.

These images are from Pinterest. I claim no ownership.

She is afraid of not making a difference in this world, that she is not living life to her full potential, and that she has been working too hard, for too long, with no real results. She is looking for real clarity in her direction, in her life, in her work, and in herself.

She has a supportive family, but also feels a deep need and desire to prove of herself and to herself that she can be independent.

She excels in connecting with others, and knows that she has some kind of gift that she hasn’t fully tapped into yet. She wants to connect more with herself, but isn’t sure how to move forward.

She has grown tired of the hustle. She is tired of feeling forced to make a sale, just to survive. She’s tired of feeling like her business has stolen precious time away from her family.

She dreams of wearing lace and pearls but finds herself spending her days wearing sweats or yoga pants. She is in love with all things moon related, and feels a deep connection to the moon’s phases.

She loves the smell of Magnolias, Roses, Jasmine, and Neroli. She fills her home with fresh flowers as often as she can, and when she cannot, she fills her daydreams with fresh flowers. 

She dreams of days in a chaise lounge in the yard, as the children frolic and play, while she swims through the pages of her favorite Jane Austen novel. She smiles and pets her beloved pup as the sun shines down on her beautiful family.

She dreams of spending more time filling the pages of her journal, and turning those angelic dreams into her resplendent reality. 

Sybil Claire Moon is a beautiful dreamer, and spends the last few moments of her day by pinning Parisian adventures, tea lattes, and pressed flower crafts, while listening to Debussy.

Are you out there darling? I know that you are. If you feel that any part of this has touched your heart, soul, or spirit, please message me.

I want to help you Step into your Light.

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