Down Down Down: Poetry Series

Down down down

Distraction. Sweet, innocent, lovable distraction.

Your eyes, so deep, so dark distraction.

When we talk, I fall down the rabbit hole

every time you look at me that way.

I think of your eyes,

I want to linger, I want to fall.

I want to fall,




And look up at you from the ground

when you reach for my hand

and help me to my feet.

It’s like an addiction,

Can’s stop feeling, Can’t stop wondering

what it would be like to taste your kiss, 

to stay in an unending embrace

that lasts for a single minute.

It’s times like this when the flowers

talk to me and sing songs.

Beautiful songs about love, songs about

you. A song

that resonates in my soul.

You are my song... the music of my life.

You make me want to sing your name 

at the top of my lungs, out to the world, 

and show how happy you make me.

And yet, I’m distracted.

Gazing again...

into your eyes, 

tumbling down

the rabbit hole once more, 

and hoping, praying, 

that I can do it again & again

for the rest of my life. 

Dalea FaulknerComment