Coriander essential oil generally evokes kitchen imagery! Well, don't let that hinder your thoughts about the ways you can use this lovely oil! It is quickly becoming one of my favorites as it is so versatile! Taken from the same plant that produces Cilantro essential oil, Coriander oil is a unique oil that can be used internally to promote digestion, aromatically for relaxation, topically for clear skin, and more. It is clear that the benefits of Coriander oil reach far beyond the realm of cooking—making Coriander a popular oil for everyday use.

I love this little blurb about Coriander from the Emotions & Essential Oils book. "Coriander is the oil of integrity, specifically integrity with one's self. The person in need of Coriander oil may be trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting their own needs. They may also have a a strong need to do what is right or correct. Often the mind's perspective of the 'right' way is too limited and seen from only one perspective. Coriander reminds individuals that there is more than one way to do something..."

I just love this perspecitve and emotional application for Coriander. Here you can see some other methods of use for it:

Coriander oil is commonly used internally to aid in digestion. To utilize these benefits of Coriander oil, consider adding two or three drops of the oil to a doTERRA Veggie Capsule and swallow to promote digestion. You can also take a few drops of Coriander essential oil internally after eating a large meal to assist with digestion. By incorporating Coriander oil into your daily routine, you’ll enjoy the soothing properties of this oil that help promote digestion throughout the day.

Did you know that Coriander oil can be particularly beneficial for the skin? This is seriously one of my favorite ways to use Coriander. To maintain a clear complexion, or to improve oily skin, use Coriander oil directly on the face after showering. Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil before applying to avoid any skin sensitivity. You can also add one drop of Coriander oil to your daily moisturizer to help improve the appearance of your skin. When you add Coriander oil to your skin regimen, you’ll start to see the cleansing properties of this oil contribute to a clear complexion and better looking skin.

There are several soothing benefits of Coriander oil for the skin and the body, especially when applied for massage. After a short workout, apply Coriander to the legs for a soothing massage. You can also apply Coriander oil to the back of the neck or bottom of the feet to promote relaxation at the end of a long day, or as you prepare to go to sleep. Remember, when applying essential oil directly to the skin, dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil, or combine with your favorite moisturizer to avoid skin sensitivity. Whether you use Coriander to help you wind down after a workout, or to relax after a taxing day, this oil will lend its topical soothing benefits to the body as you rest.

For years, chefs have used many parts of the Coriander plant, including the seeds, to add flavor and spice to a variety of meals. Coriander oil can provide a warm, spicy flavor, which makes it a favorite for many dishes. Consider adding a drop of Coriander to your favorite curry recipe for an extra boost in flavor.

Lavender is the most chemically similar essential oil to Coriander—these two oils share several of the same chemical constituents, which means they share many of the same benefits. So, if you are out of Lavender, you can find similar soothing benefits from Coriander oil for skin, body, and relaxation.

What do you think about Coriander? Is this an oil that you are going to include in your regimen? Let me know what you think in the comments!