Colorado here we Come!

Falling in love with Colorado was easy, getting there is a whole separate journey! Hubby hasn’t heard back from his work, so we are fairly confident he wasn’t selected this go around. It’s a little sucky, but isn’t hindering us in the slightest. To be honest, it’s actually kind of a tiny win, because he would have had to take a MAJOR pay cut, and where is the fun in that? So, now begins the search for a new job in Colorado. There are a good chunk of jobs available in the line of work he is in so I’m very positive about it all.

We are trying to get all the rest of our crap packed up in bins this week and put away in a storage unit. Ugggghhh how I loathe this! Spending money to store stuff that I’m certain we don’t need. I’m hopeful that I will actually have time to go through everything once we settle. The grand plan right now is to move in to the travel trailer at my parents’ house while our current home is on the market, and move to Colorado between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s likely that we will rent an apartment for a few months while we find an area we really like before we invest in a home. However, I am open to moving right in, should we find a nice place in a great area.

Rehoming our pets is not going to be fun. I’m really torn up about it, but seeing as we will be living in the travel trailer, taking them with us just isn’t a feasible idea. I already have people being judgey about it, and quite frankly… it ain’t cool. If I could take them with me I absolutely would. If you want to make me feel shittier than I already do… then you suck. (Yes, I’m sticking my tongue out at you like a 3rd grader.) I’ve never had to do this before…

I’m sad to move away from my friends and family, as I have only ever lived in the state of California. I have travelled all over the states, and to many different countries, but this would be the first time I am living somewhere other than the Golden State. It’s a brand new adventure for me and my family. Yes, I’m sad to leave, BUT I’m so completely excited to leave too. My hometown just isn’t the same as it used to be.

We aren’t entirely sure now where we are going to end up in CO. Obviously we will move close to where the hubby finds work at. I’m still very much in love with Aurora. We got a map of all the trails in the mail the other day, and a magazine about the area. They also included a booklet about all the different restaurants… OMG our mouths were watering just reading about them.

We are really hoping we find something in the Cherry Creek area in Aurora. It’s really nice down there and close to one of the reservoirs. I watched this awesome video the other day about Athletes in Tandem, (You can watch it here) and they did this in one of the reservoirs. Very cool. Something I may train to do in the future. Overall the excitement is still very much alive, and I’m trying not to let the stress of it all get to me. I’ve been channeling that energy to root for the Denver Broncos, because yes I watch football now!

Colorado here we come!