Clarity in Motion

Clarity comes in so many forms. I find that mine lately is coming from letting go of what is not serving me, in all aspects of my life. Including my business. I find myself going through certain motions, doing things that I “think” I’m supposed to be doing, that are no longer serving my community. In that place, it’s easy to take on feelings of judgment from others, even with a minimalist cleanse in your home, it’s easy to feel that way.

However, that is where the clarity comes in. The ability to see stories we are telling ourselves. The ability to see who is actually supportive of our endeavors. The ability to see which path we want to travel on. I wasn’t expecting this immense amount of clarity to seep into my life, like, at all. I’ve even taken a breath, and looked at my mothering… and how I’m showing up. Where I feel like I’m coming short. I realized that I’m giving my son absolutely everything that he needs, and that is my consistent love. It doesn’t matter how I manifest that for him. If it’s being present when he’s talking to me, or giving him cuddles when he needs them… I’m there. I don’t need to do all the things for him to grow up feeling loved, supported and happy.

I’m still a bit in awe of all this. The momentum I have right now in “clearing out” my space, is well… inspiring. But it is giving me even more momentum and energy in other areas of my life. It’s like I had been looking at my life through a smudged window, and now I can actually see through it clearly.

I wish this for you. I feel like I’m finally, truly able to embrace parts of my life for self care that often get pushed aside, because there is no time for them. There is time for them. There is space for them. There is space for me.